Diagrams: everything is connected to everything else

Dungeons and Dragons is connected to Google according to this diagram from the New York Times (hat tip: Boing Boing).


I am connected to to everything else. This diagram and the accompanying article was written by Adam Rogers who used to work at Wired. I used to write for Wired. I produced a diagram for them that linked video games to everything. It’s six degrees of separation by diagram.

How Pong invented the Internet. From Wired 11/2004. Hat tip: me. I wrote it. I love good diagrams.

How Pong invented the internet

I’ve must have spent a month researching this piece and I wrote tens of thousands of words of notes. The whole thing was boiled down into a network diagram by Wired’s patient design team. One day I’m going to set up a computer games history site. (In the meantime, you can read a brief history of computer games on my personal site.)

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8 Responses to Diagrams: everything is connected to everything else

  1. I’m in awe. Utter awe. Both of the D&D diagram and of your diagram showcasing the evolution of Pong. I love Wired magazine. I’d sell my spouse to write for them:).

  2. Adam Rogers says:

    Still at Wired, Mathew, and I still count your chart as one of my favorite things I ever got to edit. (Um…sorry about cutting all those tens of thousands of words, though.)

  3. Hi Adam, delighted to hear from you! I’m sill reading Wired with huge enthusiasm and I really enjoyed your D&D diagram. It completely took me back to our games thing and prompted the post!

  4. The work you done here to connect all those two ends of unrelated items says, how logical and analytical is the mind in you. I felt the diagram pretty interesting. But it would have been better if you gave the diagram a little bigger in a readable size.


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