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As a B Corp, our company culture works for us, and it means our clients can rely on a productive, collaborative team

How to create a happy company
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Decades of experience

Not the usual blah blah

We are a free-range, artisanal, cruelty-free team, full of geeky, quirky, lovely, diverse, funny people. We don't want caged hens working in a battery farm because we know that people do their best work when they are free to fully deploy their talent.

Our remote working policy
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Thousands of fresh ideas

What's talent when it's at home?

We invest in nurturing people. For example, everyone gets an individual budget to spend on training (or anything else that will help them with their work).

Our approach to pair working means that we all receive constant feedback and mentoring. All our studio staff have one or more HubSpot marketing certifications.

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The Articulate Team

Experience: established in 2003

Team members: 19 remote-working geniuses

4 countries: UK, Spain, Austria, Romania

Slack messages sent: 360,922.. 23, 24, 25...

Words written: 1,398,082 and counting

The work that goes beyond 'work':

B Corp

We are a Certified B Corporation. Since becoming a B Corp, we’ve learned a lot about how to make a positive impact and be a business that is a force for good.

02-The environment

Investors in People

As of 2020, we are proud to announce that we are Investors in People certified! This accreditation represents the work we've done to make sure our employees are supported. From interns to team leaders, everyone has a say in the business and in their own career development.

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The environment

Businesses need to be aware of their impact on their employees, community and the environment. We do what we can and are totally carbon neutral.

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We take happiness very seriously. Ourselves, less so. We have a Chief Happiness Officer and we positively encourage good humour, resilience and kindness.


Remote working

Though we work remotely, we meet up in person every few months, and we are always communicating in chats and conference calls. It's vital to our culture.

Remote working

Living Wage

As a Certified Living Wage employer, we ensure all our employees are well-paid, and have lots of additional benefits and resources to ensure a good work/life balance.

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The purpose behind what we do

It's baked into our DNA


Communicate effectively

In a world of hype, fake news and BS, we do things differently. We empower people to make better decisions with clear-sighted communication and marketing. We are Articulate.

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Do remarkable work

Daring greatly, we do remarkable work and, together, we build a good company that helps us be our best selves.


Build a good company

Our mission is personal growth and self-actualisation for our staff, profitable growth for the business and client success with measurable business outcomes. We want to be a beacon and a benefit for society, sharing what we learn.

Our vision

‘Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.’ - Elvis Presley

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Provide personal, professional and business growth for everyone.

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Deliver game-changing, tangible results so we can help our clients grow.


Be the first-choice agency for ambitious B2B technology companies.


Be respected as a world leader in marketing, design and copywriting.

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Create unique, profitable IP, including know-how, research and apps.


Build a happy, high-performance, collaborative company culture.

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Be helpful and share, clearly and comprehensively, everything that we learn.


Reduce our environmental impact and maximise what benefits society.

We are...

A unique group of good eggs. Our values drive our performance and decision-making. They're how we hold ourselves to account. So, we are...

  • Collaborative
  • Friendly
  • Growth-driven
  • Curious
  • Resourceful
  • Caring
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Our values matter

And we really mean it

These values make up the heart and soul of Articulate Marketing. They’re not there to be memorised, parroted or even ignored. We actually embody them every day when we work with one another. And, they form the basis of our successful client relationships.

Read our client charter
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Some of our friends, current and former clients

Meet the team

Matthew Stibbe


Matthew Stibbe

Writer, marketer, pilot, entrepreneur and computer games geek. Not necessarily in that order.

Mirela Mart


Mirela Mart

Chartered accountant and wine geek. Previously Visa, GE Capital, The World Bank and Unilever.

Gemma Haggarty

Head of Business Development

Gemma Haggarty

An experienced marketeer (one for all!), Gemma makes consultancy look easy.

Ioana Negulescu

Head of Studio

Ioana Negulescu

Creative pragmatist, gourmet and juggler of many hobbies. A/B tests pizza in her free time.

Paul Morton

Head of Client Services

Paul Morton

As a law graduate and former accountant, Paul's not as boring as he sounds.

Clare Dodd

Editor in Chief

Clare Dodd

Strategist, editor and gig-goer with hipster pretensions. All-weather sea paddler.

Liz Fielder

Chief Happiness Officer

Liz Fielder

Liz helps the team flourish and grow with wise counsel and monthly get-togethers.

Claire Rowe

Senior Marketing Copywriter

Claire Rowe

Writer, nature lover and, most importantly, an experienced dog petter.

Kyle Higgs

Senior Developer

Kyle Higgs

Where code and design meet, there's Kyle, frowning. Will sous vide anything once.

Maddy Leslie

Senior Marketing Copywriter

Maddy Leslie

Team leader, account manager, sugarglider mama and Terry Pratchett fan.

Emma Cuthbertson


Emma Cuthbertson

Emma makes sure we all get paid on time and helps us run efficiently as a business.

Philip Dodds

Specialist Client Partner

Philip Dodds

Hopeless Scottish football romantic with a penchant for people engagement.

Jenny Davies

Specialist Business Development Representative

Jenny Davies

Self-proclaimed dog whisperer, candle enthusiast and plant mom with a taste for travel.

James Dhakal

Business Development Representative

James Dhakal

History buff with a great love for luxury fashion, running and all things musical.

Ben Holness

Specialist Designer

Ben Holness

A creative wizard and Jackshund Dad. Has a love for lo-fi jazz, coffee and all things Japanese.

Rachel Kennedy

Marketing Copywriter

Rachel Kennedy

Huge horror fan and crazy dog momma. Loves cooking new cuisine despite mixed reviews.

Adam Catterall

Marketing Copywriter

Adam Catterall

Fantasy writer and kickboxer with a fervent love for metal music. Will take on anyone at Lord of the Rings trivia.

Helena Sharp-Stephens

Client Partner

Helena Sharp-Stephens

An adventure seeking, outdoors lover, with a particular interest in jigsaws and geology.


Chief Feline Officer


Yuki is responsible for chasing string, ribbons and cables.

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