Why Articulate Marketing

Start with why

So, why marketing? Why Articulate? Why indeed.

In short: what got you here won’t get you where you want to be. You need to stand out from the crowd, connect with customers, build trust, manifest thought leadership and inspire action.

Phew. How DO you get there? With a Difference Engine.

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It's all about positioning

Why you need a Difference Engine

A Difference Engine is the blueprint for a better business. You need it to power your growth machine. To optimise your marketing and sales funnel. To move forward.

Partner with Articulate and get the marketing expertise, strategy and tools you need to build an unstoppable marketing machine at the heart of your organisation.

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A brief history of the future

What is a Difference Engine?

The term refers to the works of Charles Babbage, the founding father of computing, and Ada Lovelace, the first computer scientist. These two worked together to engineer new technology, invent ground-breaking solutions and solve complex problems. They started the computer revolution that has changed the world.

As fellow technologists, geeks and inventors, we’ve made the ‘Difference Engine’ our own. Differentiation is at the heart of what we do as marketers. We believe every successful company has a Difference Engine. We’re here to help you build yours.

Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage

Marketing mechanics

Engineer a better business

We trust that you’ve got the Wright (brothers) stuff. Now, it’s time to take off. Then change the world. Articulate Marketing can help.



Be the red kite in a grey sky



Be your biggest, boldest self



Become the best in your industry



Optimise the hell out of your marketing



Be the Gandalf in the room



Work smarter, not harder



Turn your business into a powerful growth machine



Embrace iterative, data-driven improvements

Get in the right gear

Are you well on your way to marketing maturity, or just at the start of an ambitious journey?

Get to that next stage and accelerate your growth as a business.

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Stage One: Going nowhere

You are doing some marketing, but there’s no real strategy. You’re struggling to find leads. Nobody is using your CRM and your website is woefully out of date. You have no visibility on your customer pipeline, metrics or goals.

A series of cogs meshed together

Stage Two: Cogs are turning

You recognise the value of marketing but don’t have enough resources in-house to put towards it. You’d describe your brand as ‘okay’, which is... nice. You’re slightly embarrassed by your website. You have ambitious goals but need help to achieve them.

A stream train in motion

Stage Three: Full steam ahead

You have the conversion-optimised website and consistent marketing outputs to drive traffic and send quality leads to Sales. You are a stand-out brand that people know by name. Competitors wish they’d done it first. Time is on your side.

Our purpose at Articulate

We inform, connect and inspire

That’s our purpose. The fuel in our own Difference Engine. Nuts, bolts, parts, products and services — it’s all to help us and our clients grow.

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To inform people is to help them understand their world and make better decisions. Information is at the heart of content marketing but also our desire to share generously what we learn. It is better to be well-informed than ignorant.

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To connect is to create an open channel for communication between the reader and the writer and between a company and its clients. It also brings to mind EM Foster's saying, 'only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted'.

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To inspire distils the idea of 'inspiring epiphanies' for our audience - flashes of insight that illuminate the whole scene and which lead to meaningful, positive change. If we do our job right, inspiration is our gift.

TL;DR: More originality, innovation and engineering; less me-too blah blah!

We are experts in building Difference Engines for businesses that want to accelerate their marketing machine. So much so, that we wrote a whole book about it. Grab a copy, or if you'd like to get stuck in, contact us.

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