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Brand strategy

The key decisions that will help you deliver memorable digital experiences for your customers.

Find what makes you different, then build your marketing plans around that. With the help of our proprietary framework for brand differentiation: The Difference Engine®, we help you tell your story, captivate your audience and grow your business.

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What good looks like


Extensive blueprints that set the configuration of your dream marketing machine.


Total harmony between your business goals and your sales and marketing tactics.


Targeted, stand-out brand positioning that inspires both you and your audience.


A joined-up plan of action to accelerate the next phase of growth and deliver results.

A client wanting to strategise their marketing efforts

Who are you?

You are a B2B tech business looking for a compelling strategy to propel your brand ahead of the competition. Ultimately, you want your audience to a) know about your offering and b) respect your value enough to buy. To reach those people (and leave your competitors in the dust), you need to develop a recognisable, inimitable brand.

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Who are we?

Articulate Marketing is an award-winning marketing agency, B Corp and HubSpot Diamond partner. We help clients to build their Difference Engine® and achieve their ambitions as a market leader with brand strategies, expert copywriting, signature websites and HubSpot consultancy. See our latest success stories, here.

What you get

Service overview

We are a strategic partner for our clients. Many of our engagements begin with ‘going through the brand strategy door’ — this is where we lay the foundations, plan the roadmap and start to drive that marketing engine forward. As we pick up speed, we complete the feedback loop with reporting, analytics and iterative improvements.

The Articulate Difference Engine® combats a common ailment: ‘random acts of marketing’. That is, sporadic, opinion-based projects with no through-line. We help you fill in the gaps and implement a robust brand strategy that is fully aligned with your business goals.

A person walking through two large wooden doors to a strategy room

We help you tell your story

Pin down exactly who you are as a business, how you are positioned in your industry and what your ambitions are for the future. We benchmark you against competitors and identify gaps in your brand and marketing strategies.

This deep dive (and it really is deep), gives us the foundations we need to evaluate and define your brand positioning, value proposition, personality, brand pillars, archetype and your key messages. Getting this right will ensure your branding resonates with key stakeholders and customers alike. It is the beating heart at the centre of your business — the point from which everything else is nourished and brought to life.

Once we know the story you want to tell, from there we plan the brand visuals, content strategy and activities that will be required to get that story out there, at a high level. This entire process, from start to finish, is carefully documented and embedded into your business.

An Articulate employee helping a client create a strategy for their marketing

Phase 1: Client immersion

The initial consultative research process, sector and competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews and definition of the target audience and personas.


Phase 2: Strategic brand definition

Determining your mission, vision and values as they intersect with your brand pillars, positioning, value proposition and “archetype” or brand personality.


Add on: Creative development

High-level planning for brand activation both in terms of visual concept development (e.g. logos, and so on) and content direction development.


Add on: Branding implementation

A stunning brand bible with a ‘launch the brand’ handover moment, training and consultancy to ensure everyone is fully aligned with the direction of the brand.

Captivate your audience

We offer multiple routes to help you activate your brand and accelerate your marketing, from consultation to building a launchpad in the form of a beautiful new website that truly embodies your brand story, to authoritative thought leadership content that drives your message home.

While some actions require HubSpot or other platforms or channels to implement, we are generally able to offer channel-agnostic content production, spanning visuals and written forms. Our in-house Studio is made up of highly experienced creatives who truly understand the B2B tech world and are comfortable with complexity. While you are an expert in your sector, we are experts in building out that customer journey and captivating an audience.

A diverse group of people

Grow your business

Grow bigger. Go faster. Fly higher. As we like to say, it’s your rocket ship. You want to win first place in a race to the stars? This is how.

Optimisation is the process of iterative improvements based on data. In the absence of billionaire backing, optimisation is how organisations get ahead.

We provide the reporting capabilities (via HubSpot, usually) and insight so you know what to track, how to track it and what all that marketing data means for your business.

From there, we collaborate with your team to figure out which strategies are working, which need to be implemented (such as SEO or CRO planning) and which need further evaluation. And, we use data-driven insights to further improve your website and content creation process, so each user’s experience and each campaign is better than the last.

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Brand strategy engagement models

Our services are designed to help companies define, differentiate and communicate their brand effectively. These services cater to businesses at different stages of their brand development journey and with varying levels of complexity.



For SMEs operating on a lean budget or companies that don’t require a full-service brand strategy project.


Pro (recommended)

Our most popular package for mid-market organisations seeking to realise their potential with brand differentiation. 



For larger or more complex organisations with equally complex needs, this is the right tier for you.


"Articulate has been instrumental in assisting me with defining a cohesive brand identity, positioning and messaging for my company. They’ve brought clarity to how we communicate our unique value proposition in ways that I would have never imagined prior to working with their incredible team. This has only been possible because they have taken the time to learn my business, requiring deep analysis, ongoing support and a considerable investment of time. The power of their ideas, and The Difference Engine they’ve collectively built as an organization cannot be constrained by the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel or any other physical encumbrance. In my experience and for my business, Articulate doesn't move the needle, they are the needle."

Dennis Stilger Concord


"The work was turned around in an incredible timeframe. That was down to precise planning and project management, as well as skilful implementation. The project included a launch of our Symbio product. To turn that around in six weeks was unbelievable. We’ve seen really positive feedback and leads. Plus, the visibility we have on those leads is on scale we’ve never seen before. Given this success, it was natural to continue with further projects."

Katie Opie HealthHero


"With Articulate’s combined expertise of sales enablement and content creation we started driving significant traffic to our web site, increased our LinkedIn network exponentially and generated inbound, qualified leads within a couple of weeks. I’m not impressed easily – but I am by Team Articulate. Not only that, but they are a jolly lovely bunch of people to work with! Can’t thank or recommend them enough."

Elsa Cheshire Azured

Beyond Encryption

"We loved the collaborative approach of working with the team, who were able to bolster our in-house capabilities and provide us with the right tools to accelerate our digital marketing strategy. The output has not only exceeded all expectations but has been met with resounding positivity within the marketplace. It finally feels like we have a brand reflective of our product, culture, and capabilities."

Emily Plummer Beyond Encryption


"Articulate has provided great advice and we've been able to tailor weekly sessions to what we want. Articulate has audited our HubSpot account, got things up and running from a technical perspective, and helped us solve our problems. We've set up new dashboards, custom audience lists for advertising, and built our first webinar campaign. We've already begun to see ROI."

Simon Marlow Ecologi

Theorem Solutions

"Articulate are one of the easiest agencies to work with. They know what they are doing and are very upfront about what we could expect from them, but also what they’d expect from us in return, helping to build a healthy working relationship. Articulates approach has been a very refreshing and positive experience."

Kevin Levy Theorem Solutions


"The processes are night and day with Articulate - in a good way. I really love and sincerely enjoy our brainstorming sessions. What stands out to me is the research that goes into them. The team comes with well-thought-out, topical, and evidence-backed ideas. They are very flexible when we give our input too, pivoting on the spot to take those thoughts onboard, which always comes through in the final content plans."

Kelly Peters JazzHR

Tech City Teams

"We knew we needed to reinvent our brand to project a more professional and grown-up image, that matched our work standard and ethos. Matthew and the Articulate team led us gently into identifying what makes us tick as a brand, what sets us apart from the crowd and what we want to project."

Rebecca Halifax Tech City Teams

fairview 2

I cannot recommend our experience with Articulate enough. They took the time to understand our needs and requirements. We had open lines of communication and a clear plan. The website built for us is not only highly functional and user-friendly on desktop and mobile, it incorporates all the necessary features, is clean, bright, welcoming, easily navigable, and simple for us to update on our own going forward.

Leanne McGill Fairview International School


"We recommend Articulate for at least three reasons: they absolutely master their craft, they are a pleasure to work with and they are not just "doers" but great advisors. Thanks to their great knowledge of HubSpot, they handled specific requirements for our website single-handedly."

Vincent Lambercy FoxATM


"The engagement with Articulate is like nothing we have experienced before. They took the time to really get to know us as a business and the website we have now is beyond our expectations. We could not be more pleased."

Sarah Howell HTG

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