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Marketing strategy

The strategies to take your marketing in the right direction.

Find what makes you different, then build a brand strategy around that. Get strategic blueprints, marketing plans and expert insights from our expert team.

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What good looks like


Detailed blueprints and plans that will help you build your dream marketing machine.


On-demand access to marketing guidance when pivotal decisions are being made.


Targeted, stand-out brand positioning that inspires both you and your audience.


Joined-up strategies to accelerate the next phase of growth and deliver results.

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Who are you?

You are a B2B tech business looking for clear-cut marketing advice and evidence-based strategies. Ultimately, you want the people who could benefit from your technology or service to know about you and recognise your value. To reach those people (and leave your competitors in the dust), you need to implement the right marketing plans. 

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Who are we?

Articulate Marketing is an award-winning marketing agency, B Corp and HubSpot Diamond partner. We help clients to build their Difference Engine and achieve their ambitions as a market leader with strategic positioning, thought leadership content, beautiful websites and HubSpot consultancy. See our latest success stories, here.

What you get

Service overview

We are a strategic partner for our clients. All our clients ‘enter through the strategy door’. That means, when you speak to our business development team, they will ask you a series of questions to assess your marketing maturity and strategic requirements. This helps us understand what level of service is going to provide the best value for you. Some coaching or — most often — strategy recommendations and plans.

Here are some free resources if you’d like to see how we think about marketing strategy:

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Marketing consultancy

This service is ideal for companies who do not have a marketing lead in house or who need that outside perspective and deep know-how to help them address long-term marketing objectives. Gain valuable insights from senior business consultants or subject specialists (a.k.a. marketing, content, design and HubSpot geeks) on an as-needed basis.

We shed light on the the things you know you don’t know, and even those murkier “unknown unknowns.” With decades of experience, we understand your sector and how to play the marketing game — and win.

Choose a standalone consultancy engagement on a project or retainer basis. Or, get consultancy-as-a-service within a broader package of creative implementation.

Two Articulate employees helping a client create a strategy for their marketing

Strategic blueprints

Many clients come to us for strategic marketing blueprints. These workshops and documented plans are delivered by our team of marketing engineers, who will help you to articulate fundamental aspects of your marketing strategy.

Our blueprints combat a common ailment: “random acts of marketing”. That is, sporadic, opinion-based projects with no through-line. We help you fill in the gaps.

With the Pro or Enterprise package, clients also receive documentation for each workshop. Plus, further recommendations, a competitor analysis and sector reports. We also offer workstream plans, such as SEO or conversion-rate optimisation planning, as required. Workshop formats may vary depending on your needs.

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A diverse group of people

Workshop 1

Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and personas

Define your target market and identify key triggers for your perfect audience.

A megaphone

Workshop 2

Positioning, messaging and tone of voice

Elevate your brand and showcase your value, all with a distinctive brand voice.

A compass

Workshop 3

Buyer journey

Understand your funnel and set goals against key stages of the buyer journey.

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Workshop 4

Industry and competitive benchmarking

Contextualise your share of the sector across several vital data points.

Blueprint engagement models

Blueprints come in three tiers, or you may qualify for accelerated client onboarding, which is the absolute minimum information gathering required for any of our website or creative services.


Launchpad strategy blueprints

Our basic blueprints with no documentation. Includes playback and recommendations.


Pro strategy blueprints

A diagnostic, discovery and creative immersion with desk research and documentation.


Enterprise strategy blueprints

Includes everything from Pro, but for large-scale or complex diagnostics, strategies and plans.

Theorem Solutions

"Articulate are one of the easiest agencies to work with. They know what they are doing and are very upfront about what we could expect from them, but also what they’d expect from us in return, helping to build a healthy working relationship. Articulates approach has been a very refreshing and positive experience."

Kevin Levy Theorem Solutions

Tech City Teams

"We knew we needed to reinvent our brand to project a more professional and grown-up image, that matched our work standard and ethos. Matthew and the Articulate team led us gently into identifying what makes us tick as a brand, what sets us apart from the crowd and what we want to project."

Rebecca Halifax Tech City Teams

fairview 2

I cannot recommend our experience with Articulate enough. They took the time to understand our needs and requirements. We had open lines of communication and a clear plan. The website built for us is not only highly functional and user-friendly on desktop and mobile, it incorporates all the necessary features, is clean, bright, welcoming, easily navigable, and simple for us to update on our own going forward.

Leanne McGill Fairview International School


"We recommend Articulate for at least three reasons: they absolutely master their craft, they are a pleasure to work with and they are not just "doers" but great advisors. Thanks to their great knowledge of HubSpot, they handled specific requirements for our website single-handedly."

Vincent Lambercy FoxATM


"When Articulate helped us redesign our website and move it to HubSpot as a CMS/Host, this is when we quickly began to realise the true value of Articulate and the power of the HubSpot platform. Since going live we are now experiencing triple-digit growth and this trend is not slowing down."

Mitchell Feldman RedPixie


"The engagement with Articulate is like nothing we have experienced before. They took the time to really get to know us as a business and the website we have now is beyond our expectations. We could not be more pleased."

Sarah Howell HTG


"A very clear and focused plan on getting from an empty CRM to something that will support getting customers through the funnel. Doing HubSpot the Articulate way gives more time for customers, and takes away lots of time spent on customer admin. Safe pair of hands for your sales engine."

Phil Schofield Ripple


"Despite being "small", we received a white glove experience. The team is incredibly professional, the customer experience is delightful, the deliverables so far are exceptional. I can't wait to see the results of the entire project and start new projects with this amazing team."

Lori Brigg Cloudvisor


"Articulate's planning and integration processes are well-organised, and they have produced creative solutions for our B2B Corporation. We're reaching more leads than we could have imagined. The Articulate team are a very talented and a pleasure to work with."

Julie Roth Duff Norton

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It’s easy. Just get in touch with us and we’ll set up a discovery call to learn more about your business and see if we’d be a good fit.

From there, we’ll put together a tailored proposal with our recommendations.

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