Personas, tone of voice and more.

All the stuff that makes inbound work

We help our clients refine their proposition, tone of voice and marketing personas so that we can create relevant content campaigns and calendars.

Content calendar

Coordinate all your content creation, publishing, inbound marketing and, social media activity to achieve the greatest impact.

Our team works with you to plan a rolling content calendar that integrates all your online marketing activity and synchronises to other events and plans in your business.

How we do it:

  • Quarterly and monthly planning calls
  • Shared online project management website
  • Editorial workflows to give clients an opportunity to review and approve content
  • We upload the content to your website and blog

Positioning and proposition development

We help you communicate the key benefits of your products and services consistently across all channels. 

Typically, we produce carefully structured propositions, descriptions, headlines, and reusable copy blocks.

How we do it: 

  • An initial face to face meeting to understand the key messaging you want to communicate to your potential customers
  • We then have several methodologies and deliverables, which we use to help you formulate your communications strategy. What we deploy depends on the scope of your project and any existing collateral you already have.

Persona development

Segmentation and targeting are essential for effective marketing.

Buyer personas are a semi-fictional, ideal representation of your target customer that allow us to understand your audience, their pain points, needs, and objections. 

How we do it:

  • Carry out desk research into your market, customers and services
  • Interview sales people and others in your organisation with a good understanding of your customers
  • Identify buyer demographic information, pain points, needs, ambitions, objections and more
  • Draft 1-2 page persona descriptions which are used to anchor content creation and marketing messages

The benefit for your business:

  • Better targeting of marketing spend
  • More relevant and engaging content
  • Deeper understanding of customer needs and opportunities
  • Consistent focus on the right customers
  • Mutual understanding and alignment between sales and marketing

Tone of voice guidelines

Your tone of voice guidelines (along with personas and graphic branding guidelines) are the beating heart of your marketing strategy. We can help you find your voice and apply it consistently across all your communication channels.

How we do it:

  • Interview stakeholders in your company to understand your brand personality
  • Draft tone of voice guidelines based on these traits and the needs of your buyer personas

The benefits for your business:

  • Ensure you are telling the same story at all customer touch points
  • Translate what you do best into how you can best help your customers
  • Develop a recognisable and memorable tone and style for all your communications
  • Start to develop an ongoing marketing strategy that nurtures leads, rather than one-off campaigns centred on individual products
  • Understand who you are talking to and why, before you speak



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