B2B marketing strategy

Marketing: from on-the-fly to focused

See the difference between ‘random acts of marketing’ and a data-driven campaign

Here’s why our clients come to us

42-Not one person in our database wants to buy-01

‘Customers can't differentiate us from competitors’ 

33-Battle cards-01

'Our online presence isn’t consistent enough’

16-Build a new site, fast-01

'Our competitors appear to have an army of marketers’

43-I have no idea whether my current efforts are working-01

'I have no idea whether my current efforts are working’

Here’s what we can do for you

Here’s what we can
do for you

We help you solve the problems you know about, and some of the ones you don’t. We’ll tell you what we do. We won’t sell you what we do.

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Inbound marketing strategy

Our inbound strategy helps you build trusted relationships with potential clients. We create remarkable content that is too good to ignore.

The B2B content marketing guide

Our team of professional copywriters specialise in producing effective content and thought leadership insights.

Articulate’s marketing maturity model is our tool for continuous strategic improvement. It helps us tune your sales and marketing engine even as you use it to accelerate your business. 

We're HubSpot specialists
Hubspot partner

We're HubSpot specialists

We use HubSpot software to integrate your website, email, social media, lead capture and CRM. In fact, we're a HubSpot Platinum Certified Agency Partner. It's kind of a big deal.

Expert account management

Expert account management - Paying attention

Paying attention

Each of our retainer clients gets a dedicated account manager and marketing team.

Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch

We host weekly or fortnightly planning calls to keep you up-to-speed with our progress.

Revisiting the roadmap

Revisiting the roadmap

Quarterly strategy workshops ensure we're planning ahead and adapting to change.

03-04-Understanding costs-01

Understanding costs

Transparent points pricing means you're being charged for deliverables, not time.

Measure results

In-house analytics and reporting

Using HubSpot's reporting and our own proprietary analysis tools, we build success with:

Data-driven insights for account managers

Data-driven insights for account managers

Comprehensive monthly reports for clients

Comprehensive monthly reports for clients

Pre-sales consultancy and benchmarking

Pre-sales consultancy and benchmarking

Input into quarterly strategy workshops

Input into quarterly strategy workshops

Best practice marketing processes

Best practice marketing processes

Everyday marketing means doing things right, but outstanding marketing means doing the right things. Our approach is:

  • Measurable. Our sales acceleration services help turn leads into closed-won sales.
  • Data-driven. We have an in-house team of analysts creating regular reports.
  • Innovative. We constantly advance the state of the art with in-house R&D projects.
  • Tech-minded. We build our own unique apps and tools, such as HubToolkit.

Becoming an Articulate client

We build trusted partnerships with clients who want to invest in growth. Our pre-sales consultancy process looks like:

An initial discovery call

An initial discovery call to learn more about your business and see if we’re a good fit.

A gap analysis workshop

A gap analysis workshop to explore your goals, market profile, and marketing activity.

A detailed marketing proposal

A detailed marketing proposal including plans and recommendations.

Marketing resources

Need to know more? Take a look at some of our popular resources

Cost-effective B2B marketing

Cost-effective B2B marketing

Here's how inbound content marketing can boost your sales

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Unify sales and marketing

Unify sales and marketing

Learn how to bridge the gap without ruffling feathers

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What does a marketer do?

What does a marketer do?

Find out exactly what it is we get up to on your behalf

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Your strategy

Build your strategy foundation

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