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Hot off the presses: 11 Jun 2024
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iPLATO detained for marketing crimes!

Multi-channel patient engagement needs multi-channel marketing strategies

iPLATO has nailed its product offering of transformational solutions for healthcare, but its brand differentiation needs a booster shot. All signs point to good intentions, but the data tells all...

Shocking statistics
percent drop in organic traffic on last quarter*
mobile page speed*
high-volume keywords out of 100 total (but none at top position on SERPs)*
*Data taken from Google Page Speed Insights and Ahrefs
iplato homepage 2
Could iPLATO's homepage be even more eye-catching and conversion-optimised? Experts think so.

Experts at Articulate Marketing interviewed for comments

“While iPLATO is doing great things to develop its brand and engage with its target audience in the heathtech sector, there's a rich vein of gold that needs tapping here.

"The support of an award-winning marketing agency would go a long way to help iPLATO and key stakeholders such as Tobias Alpsten and Dan Vahdat to engage and retain paying customers, elevate their brand and grow the business.

"Hey, it's not all doom and gloom. The good news is, we are available for hire. Who needs a lawyer when you've got a brilliant marketing strategist on your side?”

Group 161

Articulate Marketing: “Cut them some slack!”

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