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Why marketing professionals need professional writers

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Professional copywriters help you cut through the noise. They write pithy, persuasive, remarkable content that resonates with your customers and drives up sales.

‘If you have budget to invest in your website, I would say, “hire someone to write for you.”’ – Rebecca Churt, HubSpot.

I couldn’t agree more. Good writing is at the heart of great brands and it is the engine of great campaigns.

What professional writers do

Copywriters aren’t just word monkeys. They don’t just 'bang out copy’ or ‘wordsmith’ existing verbiage. No.

Professional writers get into the heads of your customers and write punchy, persuasive copy that links your products and services to the needs and ambitions of the people who are going to buy them.

And with the average web user leaving a web page after less than 20 seconds and reading only 20 percent of the content, first impressions count. You need to get across what you want to say, fast, and say it better than anyone else.

Copywriters help you to clarify what you’re trying to say and tell a story that connects with your customers.

And, what’s more, they’ll save you money while doing it. Companies using inbound content marketing generally experience a 61 percent lower cost per lead than those using traditional methods.

‘But, if it’s just writing,’ you say to yourself, ‘why can’t I do it myself?’

Here’s why.

It isn’t just writing

Anyone can write, but not everyone’s a writer.

It can be tempting to strike out on your own and write your own copy, but try to do everything yourself and you’ll burn out.

Effective copywriting is more than just stringing syntactically correct sentences together. It’s about distilling the features of your product or service into benefits that your customers care about and finding the right style and tone of voice to get the message across.

Delegating some of your content creation to expert copywriters takes the struggle of writing and rewriting copy out of your hands. You still get to decide the direction, objectives and feel of the content, but a writer can bring it to life, letting you focus on growing your business.

Tricks of the trade

Writing is a muscle that professional copywriters exercise everyday, so they know every trick in the book to polish up your copy and use it to increase website conversions, boost click-through rates, and, ultimately, drive up sales.

They know to keep it short and sweet, conversational and direct, and they avoid hype, hyperbole and spin like the plague.

They understand that remarkable writing that resonates with your buyer personas is the heart of the content that gets found.

Tapping into the main issues of your ideal customers and the keywords they use in search queries, professional writers naturally improve your content’s search engine optimisation. You won’t be left with keyword-riddled nonsense.

Good copywriters also keep up with industry trends, as well as those of their clients, to make sure they’ve got a good grasp of the market. They send the right message at the right time to the right people to make your business stand out from the crowd.

A fresh perspective

And last but certainly not least, writers come to your business with a fresh pair of eyes. We don’t know the lingo and the specs, but neither do your customers.

As much as you might love your product or service and revel in all the gory details, your customers – that cynical bunch – want to know how it benefits them. They want quality advice and insight, not bigger, better and stronger.

They don’t think, ‘I need a state-of-the-art, cost-effective CRM solution’, but rather, ‘I want all of my customer information in one place’.

Copywriters can look at your product or service from a customer’s perspective, pick out the best bits and communicate them effectively. They turn the jargon and techno-babble into compelling copy that converts leads and pushes up sales.

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