We're more than just wordsmiths.

B2B thought leadership and content marketing

Establish credibility with potential customers and market influencers through engaging, customer-centric content. 

Thought leadership 

We interview your subject matter experts, do independent research, and write polished articles that engage readers and encourage social sharing.

How we do it:

  • Develop a concept or direction for the piece
  • Desk research to find reliable third-party data and opinions
  • Interview your own internal subject matter experts (optional)
  • Include graphs, sidebars or pull out quotes and case studies as part of the document (optional)
  • Produce social media snippets or convert the piece into suitable blog posts (optional)

The benefits for your business: 

  • Establish your reputation as a trusted advisor
  • Prove you know what’s happening on the bleeding edge of your industry
  • Demonstrate you can inhabit a customer-based point of view on industry topics
  • Prove you can understand, innovate and solve
  • Show your expertise and knowledge

Must-read blogs

We write high-quality blogs, focused on search engine optimisation, generating organic traffic, and building a relationship with your audience. 

How we do it:

  • Create and host a blog for you in WordPress or HubSpot
  • Define audience personas and tone of voice
  • Develop a series of post titles to suit your marketing goals
  • Write short (300 words), medium (600 words), and long (1000 words) blogs
  • Optimise them for search engines
  • Promote them using social media

The benefits for your business: 

  • Engage customers earlier in the buying cycle
  • Talk about their issues in their language
  • Increase your SEO footprint and the likelihood of being found via organic search
  • Establish yourself as a credible, trusted advisor
  • Help people relate to your company 
  • Guide people to the next stage of your marketing funnel 

Website copy

We help you create readable, effective website copy that talks directly to the reader.

How we do it:

We will ensure that your web copy is:

  • Delivered on time
  • Written with your audience personas in mind
  • Well-written – crisp, readable and persuasive
  • True to your brand and corporate tone of voice
  • Tied in to your business goals, products and markets
  • Optimised for search engines
  • Written and edited for online reading
  • Integrated into the development process

Budgets and schedules:

We charge on a fixed price basis so you know exactly how much you will pay before you commission the work. There is no charge for an initial discussion to understand your requirements and prepare a quotation. Websites vary greatly but, as an indication, expect to pay £250-£500 per web page.

Reports, ebooks and white papers

Longer content is the foundation of any content marketing strategyUse our ebooks, reports and white papers for lead generation. Gain credibility and authority to shape the market and enhance your brand.

How we do it:

  • Develop a brief, including relevant in-house sources and links to key data
  • Where appropriate we can produce a detailed outline for review before creating final copy
  • Develop a feedback methodology for projects involving multiple stakeholders
  • Arrange and conduct relevant in-house and external subject-matter expert interviews
  • Collate and assimilate all data to produce the piece

The benefits for your business: 

  • Get more value from both in-house and publicly available data
  • Provide vital, clear information on industry trends, threats and changes
  • Establish yourself as a credible and authoritative source for customers and peers
  • Help potential customers contextualise and understand the problems that your products or services solve


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