Adweek Typo on sign

Every time you make a typo, the errorists win

Posted by Matthew Stibbe Picture of Matthew Stibbe on 2 December 2013

Typos are the the worst. 


Just for fun, here are some classic funny typos that prove you need to do a final round of proofreading. (And yes, I know I'm sitting in a glass house throwing rocks.)

Sandles in Texas colour scheme that say 'taxes' instead

Newspaper ad for history channel with typo - 'more then' not  'more than'

Newspaper headline 'woman marries man she accuses of assault' above picture of some stupid royals who got married recently, I think

'Win a dream holiday' ad above picture of sinking cruise ship on newspaper cover

Tea Party sign 'Read the consitution' (sic)

Adweek Typo on sign

And because I’m a historian, I particularly liked this one for lack of basic fact-checking:

Tea party sign saying ' no marxist czars'

Hat tips: The Poke, AdWeek, Zazzle, Infinite Monkeys, Zombietime

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