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How to get sales and marketing working together

It's true. Sales and marketing don’t get on. In fact, 87 percent of the terms sales and marketing use to describe each other are negative,  according ...

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The 30-day social media challenge for small businesses

Small businesses are inundated with social media advice. You’ve doubtlessly read about a million and one things you could be doing to boost customer e...

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Creating a distinctive tone of voice for your startup

The right tone of voice helps you tell a story. This matters. Marketing isn't about an individual service or a product feature; it's about your custom...

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Quality vs quantity in content marketing

Is content marketing losing its way? Has it forgotten why it proclaimed to be different in the first place? And do we really need another puff piece o...

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How to have effective sales and marketing meetings

Sales and marketing need to have a close relationship if you want to increase the number of qualified leads and conversions.

How we work

How we work: 7 lessons from a new client account manager

Lesson one of becoming a new client account manager: you run out of time. I pitched the idea of this blog post seven months ago. I’ve been an account ...

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Business jujitsu: what you can learn from your competitors

'There is a misconception that survival of the fittest means survival of the most aggressive…it’s whatever leads to reproductive success.’ - Stephen P...

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Take a closer: how to convert customers

Marketing is an emotional experience. Or, at least, it should be for your customers. Your product, your service, your content – should fuel desire, le...

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How to boost your marketing mojo: tips from the experts

What is 'marketing mojo'? Harley Davidson. Apple. Mini Cooper. AMEX. Nike. J K Rowling. Is it a word? An idea? An experience? A feeling? Or an expecta...