How we work

The Articulate approach

  • We’re inbound marketers that love tech, but hate buzzwords.
  • Using innovative working practices and tools we deliver our expertise with complete transparency.
  • From our points-based pricing to our results-focused practices our job is to get your message to the masses.
  • We are true creatives, not just marketing experts.
  • Our content is clear, concise and curated to your customer.

10 reasons to choose Articulate

By the numbers

What to expect

We do things a little differently to create content that is too good to ignore.

Tools and technology

We use technology to enhance and accelerate our work.
  • We’re HubSpot Gold partners
  • We use Basecamp, Slack, WordPress and other great tools.
  • We even build our own apps, like Turbine (for time off, expenses and purchasing) and Points Mean Prizes‘ for tracking and reporting our work.
We’re an agile company who are always striving for a better way of doing things: that allows us to constantly re-assess the tools we use and ensure we are as efficient as possible.

Insight and inspiration

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