Writing Tools

This page contains free tools that will help you improve your writing.

Oblique Marketing Strategies

Based on Brian Eno's original Oblique Strategies, this tool will give you inspiration when you face a marketing problem. Just click on the text in the box to get a new strategy. (Read about Oblique marketing strategies on our blog.)


Concentration and meditation timer

Use this simple application to help you concentrate. Reset your concentration on your work whenever the bell goes. Stop and make tea when the final bell sounds. For more information see: how to concentrate on writing.

Readability scores

This tool will help you improve your writing by giving objective, numerical feedback using Flesch Kinkaid, Gunning Fog and SMOG indices. You can analyse all the text on a web page or paste in some text directly.

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Enter URI to check readability:

For more information about readability statistics, read Bad Language blog: readability metrics and Wikipedia readability tests

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