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Articulate's own Tools and Apps

This page contains some cool tools that will help you improve your marketing.

Like our clients, we're geeky and tech-minded. We build our own apps and tools to help make marketers more efficient.

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Streamline your HR admin

Say hello to Turbine and goodbye to tedious paperwork. Do agency bureaucracy online: purchase orders, time off, expenses and HR records. And, coming soon, points pricing.

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Get SEO and social sorted

If you use HubSpot, you need Fizz+Ginger. It lets you fix common SEO and CMS performance issues fast and makes social media curation a breeze. Sign up now.

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Come up with cool names

We like cool project names. They inspire and motivate. But they're hard. So we wrote an article about how to come up with them, with a tool to generate random names.

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Website grader - automation from HubSpot

We didn't build this one, but our partner, HubSpot, sure did. It takes less than 10 seconds to get loads of SEO, mobile responsiveness and page speed scores for your website.

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