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Get our 5-star book for marketers: ‘The Difference Engine’

Posted by Maddy Leslie
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‘ChatGPT has fuelled my love for writing and being a writer […] I see what AI generates and it makes me want to write better, more creatively, and more productively.’

Elisa Lorello, author, human

Last quarter we released our first-ever book, The Difference Engine: An Articulate Marketing Guide, written entirely by real humans. (It may join some museum pieces in that respect in a few decades.)

While content created in seconds has its appeal, this endeavour took us a year of hard graft, care, attention and human intelligence. We think it was worth the effort and we invite you to check it out.

Why we wrote it

Screenshot 2024-06-10 171739(A little insight into the writing process. Notion is a wonderful tool for book-writing.)

So why did we write a book? Well, it all starts with the Difference Engine.

The term refers to the works of Charles Babbage, the founding father of computing, and Ada Lovelace, the first computer scientist.

These two collaborated to engineer new technology, invent ground-breaking solutions and solve complex problems. They started the computer revolution that has changed the world.

Clever innovations that make a big difference — this concept aligned perfectly with how we like to do marketing as an agency working with purposeful B2B technology companies. As such, we built a framework for marketing and brand differentiation best practices around this Difference Engine concept. Over the years, this evolved into something akin to a philosophy of strategic marketing combined with tactical advice for the on-the-ground marketing manager. The result?

The Difference Engine: An Articulate Marketing Guide

The response

screenshot_2024-04-18_at_15.08.06_960 (1) (1)

(Thanks to our client Dennis across the pond for making this book an international seller!)


‘The content is engagingly crafted, with a touch of flair and valuable information. It caters to both marketing beginners and seasoned professionals.’


‘This book is about as comprehensive as it gets and is essential for marketers looking to make an impact. In an industry where things change quickly and best practices can quickly become outdated, the content here provides a foundational manual for modern marketing that will be relevant for a long time. Ideal for students and professionals looking to sharpen their marketing this year.’


‘This fantastic guide covers a multitude of areas essential for your marketing machine, ranging from lead generation and brand architecture to strategies for fostering sustainability and cultivating a great company culture. The humorous tone Maddy and the team have employed throughout transforms what is often perceived as laborious or extra reading into an enjoyable and memorable read.’

The Amazon reviews—all five stars—have been an ego-inflating joy to read. Thank you to everyone who read it and an extra special thank you to anyone who took the time to leave a review. It means the world and this author is deeply grateful.

What’s it about?


In a nutshell, The Difference Engine: An Articulate Marketing Guide covers eight pillars of marketing and brand differentiation, which are:

  1. Your Mission — Goals, strategies and metrics for successful differentiation.
  2. Talent and Culture — How your people and processes can help you stand out.
  3. The Toolkit — The marketing and sales technologies you need.
  4. Strategic Blueprints — Key foundations for your strategic brand positioning.
  5. Brand Architecture — How to integrate visual assets with your overall branding.
  6. Thought Leadership — Content that inspires and establishes your authority.
  7. Lead Generation — How to get quality leads into your business, and nurture them.
  8. Iterative Optimisation — Testing and discovering opportunities for marginal gains.

In the process, you’ll get hundreds of insights and a checklist of practical activities. This all comes from the frontlines of marketing. Plenty of fodder for thought as well as action! 

Who should read it?

A person reading whilst sitting on a stack of books

We believe every successful business has a Difference Engine.

Our best practice marketing guide is for Marketing and Business leaders who want their organisations to be a cut above the rest. It is ideal for start-ups that have a lot of decisions to make very quickly, as well as mature businesses that need top-tier marketing strategies to launch the next growth phase.

Where can you get it?

>> Get the ebook or the paperback right here <<

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