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Branding and design

Every business needs a great brand

Data-driven branding meets good design. Discover the 'real you', tell the world, get the girl (or boy... or cake)

Here's why our clients come to us

16-Build a new site, fast-01

‘Our B2B site looks like every other business website’

36-Email templates-01

'We don't have a coherent online message'

08-Our business website is well past its expiry date-01

‘Honestly, our logo is straight out of the ‘90s'

25-Lead scoring and filtering out poor leads-01

‘My boss said we need unique illustrations’

Here’s what we can do for you

Here's what we can do for you

We help you solve the problems you know about and some of the ones you don’t. We’ll tell you what we do. We won’t sell you what we do.

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Brand strategy

Here’s where we get nerdy and try to figure out who you are, and who your customers think you are

34-Service specifications-01

Employee surveys and interviews

30-Case study-01

Tone of voice and messaging analysis

12-Current site consultation-01

Personas and audience research

Guideline development

03-Transparent working practices-01-2

Proposition creation

This is your flag on Mars. The Big Idea. Look – your brand isn’t just what you want it to be. It’s a combination of your opinions and those of your customers. We’ll work with you to express these with a clear mission and purpose. The values we develop with you can inform decision-making and we’ll provide keywords for all your messaging.

13-Research and development-01

Brand identity

Our guiding principle for logos: never blindly design trendy symbols. We ensure your logo and imagery are informed by messaging guidelines, personas and proposition development. All the designs we build and naming recommendations we make are backed by research and justified with compelling explanations, not razzle-dazzle.

21-We don’t know what’s working and what isn’t-01

Ongoing optimisation

Brand evolution is crucial. We’re experts at iteration (translation: learning quickly from mistakes and improving things based on data), and treat branding and design as an ongoing process. Our in-house data analysis team provides further recommendations for your website and content marketing, so we can focus on the changes that will make the biggest difference to you.

03-What could we do for you?-01
Brand documentation

What’s in your brand book?

These are the tangible outcomes that will help you to position your business as a competitor to be reckoned with in the market. And, more importantly, attract paying customers.

We help you build personas (representations of your ideal customers), tone of voice documents and messaging guidelines (so you have a clear voice as a business).

Our core deliverables

We give you tools and best practice guidance that you can take away and build on for years to come


Purpose, mission and vision

39-Keyword optimisation-01

Values and keywords

15-Prototype and test ideas-01

Communication guides

40-Cold calling-01

Tone of voice and messaging

44-Targeted personas-01

Targeted personas

45-Logos, fonts and colours-01

Logos, fonts and colours

46-Images and illustrations  -01

Images and illustrations

14-Custom designs and guidelines-01

Layout, with explanations

01-Meet – The Pixels-01
Our branding team

Meet – The Pixels

The Pixels are a multi-disciplinary team. Our developers are experts in UX and UI strategy, and we’ve got plenty of illustration and animation talent at our disposal.

Branding is not just a pretty face, it’s a fully-integrated and explainable strategy. We make sure our work always stays fresh because we keep up-to-date with any and all developments in digital branding.

How to design tech logos

How to design tech logos

Here’s our hot take on designing tech company logos

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Guide to a strong brand

Guide to a strong brand

Get advice on how to strengthen your existing brand style

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Site optimisation ebook

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