Build your business case for a bigger marketing budget [free template]

Build your business case for a bigger marketing budget [free template]

Posted by Adam Catterall Picture of Adam Catterall on 25 May 2022

It’s nerve-wracking going to your executive board and asking for more budget to play with. You don’t want to be there (sweating away) wondering whether you’re getting your point across. What you need is a rock-solid business case.

Business cases justify marketing expenses by proving that the company will see some positive returns. Compiling impressive benefits, backed up with indisputable marketing statistics, will show that upping your budget is the right thing to do.

So, how do you write a business case that’s sure to persuade your higher-ups to part with their cash? Well, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve put together a plain-English template that you can edit to suit your needs.

Here’s your marketing budget template

The latest statistics don’t lie - investing in marketing creates business opportunities. Levelling up the marketing budget opens doors to more leads, quality content that’s published regularly, and a crowd of new website visitors.

Here are the top reasons increasing the marketing budget will benefit the company:

Better content marketing creates more leads

Sixty percent of marketers report that content marketing generates demand or leads.

Increasing the marketing budget for talented strategists and copywriters will result in unique and enticing content. That content drives traffic and the opportunity to connect with potential leads. More budget, more content, more leads.

It doesn’t just bring in new customers either; it connects with current ones. Sixty percent of marketers also say that content helps build loyalty with existing clients.

New tools mean new prospects

Seventy-six percent of companies reported using marketing automation in 2021.

Upping the marketing budget allows investment into CRM and more efficient marketing automation tools.

This can exponentially increase the marketing outreach. Automation takes the strain off marketers (and means you won’t need to hire more), provides in-depth reporting and creates lead scoring. Overall, it’s much more efficient and scalable.

SEO drives visitors

Higher budgets allow for more research into the latest SEO trends, resulting in impressive web traffic. As SEO is an ever-evolving aspect of marketing, it needs constant research and attention to garner results.

Fifty-seven percent of B2B marketers are saying that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. So, it’s a clear-cut case - investing in SEO is valuable and sure to result in a high return on investment.

Updated websites attract customers

The top priority for marketers is generating leads.

Old websites don’t appeal to new prospects. Outdated, eyesore websites aren’t going to pass muster compared to competitors.

Not only can a website redesign result in improved site performance and SEO, but it’ll also increase sales and conversions. If new customers aren’t able to find what they need because of a hard-to-navigate site, they’ll probably search elsewhere. Working on UX and functionality will highlight any complicated areas to work on. Attractive websites delight customers and make competitors jealous.

Thought-leadership content creates a premium

Forty-two percent of B2B decision-makers are willing to pay a premium to companies that produce thought leadership content as compared to those that do not.

Creating well-researched and innovative thought-leadership content positions the company among trusted experts in the field. Content of that calibre requires more time and resources, which won’t happen without a budget increase.

Secure that marketing budget

We hope these stats and trends help bring your boss around the idea that now’s the time for a bigger marketing budget.

Remember, relating these impressive stats to your own business goals is very persuasive. It’s all about solving the problems in the mind of the person you’re pitching to. Bring along your reports to highlight where this shiny new budget can help.

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