Articulate Client Charter

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Working together we can achieve great things


This charter outlines our intentions and goals when it comes to working with our clients.

We solve for the customer

  • Build enduring relationships
  • Become trusted advisors and partners

  • Adhere to the highest standards of professional service, respect, honesty and fairness

  • Admit mistakes and correct them quickly

  • Put client interests ahead of our own

  • Make recommendations based on data, analysis and our professional experience

  • Explain our recommendations clearly

  • Sometimes this means hearing hard truths

  • Sometimes this requires courteous, professional dissent from us

We use open-book project management

  • Communicate consistently and openly
  • Seek informed consent

  • Confirm decisions and report actions in writing

  • Charge for tangible deliverables using points pricing

  • Be up-front and clear about costs and schedules; no surprises

  • Give clients access to the same data and information we use internally; no secrets

  • Sometimes this means seeing how sausages are made

We communicate well

  • Answer questions promptly by email or phone

  • Hold weekly (initially) and then fortnightly client meetings

  • Hold an in-person strategy review once a quarter

  • Escalate problems or complaints urgently to resolve them

  • Ultimately, if necessary, give clients a straightforward, no-nonsense way to quit

But please remember...

  • We're not shy about constructive feedback, but we're human beings and we have feelings. A little consideration and courtesy goes a long way.

  • Everybody here works on several client accounts and we value work-life balance. Last-minute rush jobs and pop-up requests do happen but they're best avoided if you want great work.

  • Clients who turn up for meetings, give feedback and make decisions quickly see the fastest results.

  • We build more effective relationships with clients who understand what we do and how we work.

  • Our form of inbound marketing isn’t about instant results. It’s about developing your own audience and building trusted relationships. That takes persistence over time but pays greater dividends than traditional outbound marketing.