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7 ways HealthTech companies can market their services to businesses

Posted by Maddy Leslie
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A third of organisations increased their budget for wellbeing benefits in 2022.

That shows many businesses are actively looking for ways to improve employee health. And, they’re willing to put substantial resources behind that effort.

HealthTech companies offer technologies that will support this goal. But, you may be struggling to get your solutions into the hands of business customers. The value you provide is a perfect match for what they need, yet prospects A) haven’t a clue about what you do, or B) aren’t persuaded by your pitch.

So. All that budget? It goes elsewhere, instead of being invested in a partnership with your company. You need effective marketing strategies to improve your visibility with businesses and to get their buy-in.

Check out these seven tips to get more business customers for your HealthTech services:

Be where your audience finds information

Businesses tend to operate in their own little bubbles. For example, you may be accustomed to marketing to folks in the health industry (such as hospitals or insurers). It’s safe to say these organisations get their information from peers in that sector.

However, if you offer HealthTech services for the wider business community, then most of this audience will not be avid readers of the British Medical Journal.

You need to build a presence where your target audience finds their information. Think social media platforms like LinkedIn, or sector-specific publications, forums, podcasts or blogs. Be a guest on someone else’s webinar or partner with another business on a social media campaign. Pick an industry and find the people in that space who are willing to collaborate. If you’re targeting FinTechs, as an example, then wrangle yourself a spot on the ‘CFO yeah!’ podcast talking about the financial benefits of health technology in the workplace.

Get out of your bubble. Carve your niche in new spaces.

Target third-party verified organisations

In general, the types of companies that are likely to buy HealthTech services tend to care about more than just the bottom line.

What we mean is, these businesses are culture-focused. So, they may be Investors in People certified. Or they might boast that they’re a Real Living Wage employer.

It’s worth looking for business customers that showcase such third-party verification badges on their website. Go directly to the certifier sites and search their lists, where available.

If a business openly claims they care about employee health, offer them the tools to make that promise as tangible as possible.

HealthTech companies, empower your champion

healthtech business champion

We’ve talked before about how HealthTechs can use marketing to reach to a variety of audiences. In that article, we advised to target certain personas in businesses, such as HR leaders.

These people, even if they don’t make the final buying decision, can be your champion on the inside. If you get someone to advocate for your products and services, then you’re much more likely to win a meeting with the person holding the purse strings.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to empower this champion. Give them materials, like a business case, lists of benefits, a demo account, or anything they can take away to share or use themselves. Here, the reciprocity principle works in your favour. The more you give, the more you’ll get in return.

Answer the big business questions

When it comes to B2B marketing, you gotta speak the lingo.

Imagine you’re trying to persuade the person holding the purse strings now — a CEO, a CFO. Whomever. What they care about is the business as a whole, profit, loss, what can be measured, what is the return on investment, and so on.

Your team should be prepared to bring in the big guns: irrefutable data and hard facts. Better employee health and wellbeing leads to more productivity and profitability, for one. It’s not enough to say that what you offer is good and the right thing to do for the business. You can’t rely on warm fuzzy feelings in the world of B2B. You must demonstrate real value and share case studies that illustrate the business case for your offering.

Show off your thought leadership…

At Articulate, we’re inbound marketing nerds at heart. That means we think the best way to reach your target audience is to create marketing collateral that is so useful that customers come directly to you. Content, essentially.

Use things like blogs or whitepapers to showcase your expertise by talking about topics your business audience is interested in. You want a reputation as a trustworthy thought leader in your field? This is how you get there.

Here are nine tips from tech marketing experts on how to write about health technology.

…While using relevant keywords

healthtech keywords worth searching

Keywords are the phrases that people put into search engines like Google when they want to find information. Naturally, you’d like to be the first result that pops up.

Let us make this one easy for you. Here are some great keywords (thanks Ahrefs) for HealthTechs to use when writing content for businesses. Based on our research, it’s likely your target audience is using these phrases to search for information.

We have included advice on the level of difficulty to rank highly for this keyword, as well as if the keyword is getting a decent number of searches. The very best keywords are low or moderate difficulty with a middling to high search volume.

  • ‘healthcare apps’ (low difficulty, high search volume)
  • ‘health and safety at work’ (moderate difficulty, high search volume)
  • ‘workplace wellness’ (moderate difficulty, high search volume)
  • ‘employee health and wellbeing’ (low difficulty, moderate search volume)
  • ‘staff wellbeing ideas’ (moderate difficulty, moderate search volume)
  • ‘employee wellbeing initiatives’ (moderate difficulty, moderate search volume)
  • ‘mental health initiatives’ (moderate difficulty, moderate search volume)

Provide a path to purchase for businesses

You want to make it ridiculously easy for customers to buy from you. That path to purchase should be as smooth as possible. You’re meeting every one of your buyer’s needs along the way.

However, you may have a variety of solutions for a range of audiences. What then? Well, really good HealthTech websites often lay out a specific journey for their business prospects. Articulate client alumnus Trillian has a product page for individuals, businesses and healthcare audiences. That’s a great way to make each path obvious to the site visitor.

Top tip: Try our free tool for mapping out the buyer’s journey.

Apply it specifically to your business audience. Are there any gaps? What can you do to optimise your marketing efforts? Are there opportunities to engage this audience more deeply? Find out.

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