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Lead generation

Converting leads, one form at a time

Getting people to turn up to your B2B site is one thing. Getting them to stay… well, that’s a whole other kettle of fish

Here’s why our clients come to us

40-Cold calling-01

‘Cold-calling just doesn’t seem to work anymore’

28-Lead funnel and outcomes of lead nurturing-01

‘We’ve got traffic, but not enough high quality leads’

41-The sales team says we sent them cold leads, again!-01

‘The sales team says we sent them cold leads, again!’

42-Not one person in our database wants to buy-01

‘Not one person in our database wants to buy’

00-Here’s what we can do for you-01

Here’s what we can do for you

We help you solve the problems you know about and some of the ones you don’t. We’ll tell you what we do. We won’t sell you what we do.

Landing page guide Get more leads

How to capture leads the inbound way

Stop annoying people. Instead, inform, delight and offer real value to potential contacts:

02-How to capture leads the inbound way-01


Encourage prospects to take action and buy-in


Landing page

Capture contact details with a smart form

05-Our virtual V&A - The beginners guide to GDD-01-1

Valuable content

Offer useful, authoritative content to leads

07-Lead nurturing-01

Lead nurturing

Keep people consistently engaged with emails

03-Our approach to premium content-01
Content process

Our approach to premium content provides value for your site visitors

At Articulate, we have teams of experienced copywriters who specialise in writing for B2B technology companies.

We create high-value white papers, ebooks, interactive tools and templates and other long-form  content. These can be accessed by your potential leads through a form on a gated Hubspot landing page. Using A/B testing, we maximise your conversion rates.

30-Case study-01

Meticulous research

Writers use authoritative sources, relevant facts and up-to-date statistics

13-Research and development-01

Expert interviews

We conduct subject matter expert interviews with clients and third parties

15-Prototype and test ideas-01

Project management

Lead generation efforts are managed from creation to final design and launch

04-Quality templating and design-01-1
Premium content design

Quality templating and design makes all the difference for attracting leads

To enhance your lead generation efforts we put the ‘premium’ in premium copy.

Our in-house design and development team build bespoke PDF templates for guides and ebooks, as well as custom designed and coded Hubspot landing pages, emails and calls-to-action (CTAs).

05-Launch your campaign, today-01-2
Content promotion

Launch your campaign, today!

By integrating lead generation with traffic-growth strategies, we build a full-funnel model for capturing and nurturing leads.

To support the launch of a campaign, we use online advertising on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter,  as well as social media promotion, automated workflows and email marketing. 

How to do PPC advertising

How to do PPC advertising

Boost your next campaign with PPC

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Guide to B2B landing pages

Guide to B2B landing pages

FREE guide to converting customers

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10 minute guide to inbound marketing

10 minute guide to inbound

Our coffee table guide to getting leads

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Your lead generation

Want more, high quality leads?

We won't promise the moon. But we will build you a bespoke, data-driven strategy for lead capture

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