Lead capture, nurturing and conversion

How we convert your contacts into clients.

Persona creation 

Personas are the lifeblood of an inbound content marketing strategy. Every single form of communication should be aimed at one of your buyer personas.

A persona isn’t just one of your target markets, but rather a semi-fictional, ideal representation of your target customer. While not a real person, every persona is based on real data about your customers, giving you real insight and the ability to continually create intoxicating content.

In short, personas laser focus your marketing efforts, so you’re only ever producing the good stuff that appeals to viable leads.

Website copy

We have written the content for dozens of websites, including HP, Microsoft and various government agencies. We work well with design and interactive agencies. We can help your company produce better web copy and deliver it on time, whether you have one page or a hundred pages to fill.

Website challenges

The written content of a website can cause a number of problems:

  • It is often late, causing knock-on launch delays
  • Unless written by specialists, it often needs extensive editing and reworking
  • Copy written for other media, such as print or PDF, rarely reads well on screen
  • Poorly written web copy doesn’t help search engine optimisation
  • The process may not be integrated into the development of the site as a whole
  • Agencies may not have the capacity to produce large quantities of material with a tight deadline

What we do

We will ensure that your web copy is:

  • Delivered on time
  • Written with your audience personas in mind
  • Well-written – crisp, readable and persuasive
  • True to your brand and corporate tone of voice
  • Tied in to your business goals, products and markets
  • Optimised for search engines
  • Written and edited for online reading
  • Integrated into the development process

Website copy projects

Budgets and schedules

We charge on a fixed price basis so you know exactly how much you will pay before you commission the work. There is no charge for an initial discussion to understand your requirements and prepare a quotation. Websites vary greatly but, as an indication, expect to pay £250-£500 per web page.

Premium content

Longer content is the foundation of any content marketing strategy. Use our ebooks, reports and white papers for lead generation. Gain credibility and authority to shape the market and enhance your brand.

We specialise in long-form content. This can range from a 2,000-word single-topic or product-focused, informative white paper, right through to a 10,000-word industry-wide report.

We use meticulous research, extended interviews and project management to keep you informed on progress and help us produce fully-sourced, in-depth copy.

How we work

  • Develop a brief, including relevant in-house sources and links to key data
  • For longer projects we can consult on developing a direction and set of key-messaging that will guide the development and tone of the document
  • For longer projects we can also work with you to develop a progress calendar, with deadlines for important milestones and timeframes for formatting copy with your graphic designers or web teams
  • Where appropriate we can produce a detailed outline for review before creating final copy
  • Develop a feedback methodology for projects involving multiple stakeholders
  • Arrange and conduct relevant in-house and external subject-matter expert interviews
  • Collate and assimilate all data to produce the piece
  • Complete one to three rounds of feedback, depending on the complexity of the piece

Business benefits

  • Get more value from both in-house and publicly available data
  • Provide vital, clear information on industry trends, threats and changes
  • Establish yourself as a credible and authoritative source for customers and peers
  • Help potential customers contextualise and understand the problems that your products or services solve


Landing pages

anding pages are the tool we use to convert website visitors into leads that can be engaged, nurtured and closed as customers. Every sales manager wants more hot leads. Every marketing manager wants a better return from their advertising and PR spend. Landing pages deliver these results.

Too many B2B companies build a fancy website but give readers no way to engage with them beyond a ‘contact us’ form, which to most visitors looks like a ‘tell a sales person to pester me constantly’ form. Landing pages with valuable content engage people sooner in the sales cycle. This is important because the majority of your website visitors are looking to buy right now.

What we do


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