People and Planet

Proud to be a B Corp

Articulate Marketing is committed to making a positive impact on our people, planet, clients and community

People and Planet - B Corp, IIP, Net Zero

Our purpose

Inform, connect and inspire

These words, alongside our values, determine what kind of company we want to be. That is, a force for good.

We've formalised that commitment by becoming a B Corp; by achieving We Invest in People (Silver) certification; by being a Real Living Wage employer and by pledging to be Net Zero by 2025.

Our company purpose - illustration shows our Chief Happiness Officer


To inform people is to help them understand their world and make better decisions. Information is at the heart of content marketing but also our desire to share generously what we learn. It is better to be well-informed than ignorant.



To connect is to create an open channel for communication between the reader and the writer and between a company and its clients. It also brings to mind EM Foster's saying, 'only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted'.



To inspire distils the idea of 'inspiring epiphanies' for our audience - flashes of insight that illuminate the whole scene and which lead to meaningful, positive change. If we do our job right, inspiration is our gift.

Our journey so far

We have much more work to do. But, look how far we've come:


B Corp

Society’s most challenging problems cannot be solved by government and non-profits alone. The B Corp community works toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose.

By harnessing the power of business, B Corps use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment.



Certified as a B Corp for the first time, with a score of 86.9.


Awarded global top ten percent Best for the World Honourees for 'Governance' and 'Workers' categories.


Further awarded global top five percent Best for the World Honourees for 'Workers' category.

2021 🏆

Re-certified as a B Corp with a score of 91.6 (required to certify every three years).

For employees

We want to build a high-performance, happy 'atelier' where people can come together to do amazing work. See our careers page, here.

Appointed a Chief Happiness Officer to champion wellbeing initiatives at Articulate.

Launched the Bupa Employee Assistance Programme and paid subscriptions for the Calm app.

Brought in 12 paid training days and 2 paid volunteering days for employees.

Introduced private healthcare for all UK employees.

Expanded our 'Happiness account' scheme to give staff access to a personal budget.

Embedded principles of diversity, equity and inclusion into our policies and structures.

Living wage logo

Real Living Wage Employer

The Real Living Wage is a voluntary basic payment level calculated by assessing actual cost of living, with a higher rate for London residents. It's not a wage based on corporate recommendations or a percentage of the country's median earnings. It's the difference between living and subsisting.

In an industry that is notorious for unpaid internships and underpaid starting salaries, in 2018 Articulate introduced the Real Living Wage at the London rate as the minimum salary for all full-time employees.

Real living wage

Investors-In-People-Silver (2)

Investors in People

The We Invest in People (Silver) certification is a widely-recognised accreditation. Its primary purpose is to help businesses improve their overall business performance and realise objectives through effective management and development of their employees.

The accreditation is validated by a third party, too, which means you can trust that it is an honest certification process. We certified at Bronze in 2020 and achieved the higher Silver certification in 2021.

Investors in people

For society

While we do what we do for profit, we want to share what we learn for free and for the benefit of everyone. We've donated to charities such as Mind and the Woodland Trust, as well as having a payroll giving scheme and paid volunteering days.

While they have commercial intent, the 800+ articles we've written also share useful information and serve as a valuable resource for hundreds of thousands of readers:

Articles on running a small business:

Articles about being an effective manager:

For the environment

We aim to be carbon neutral, paper-free and remain asset-lite in order to build a sustainable business. Thanks to our partnership with fellow B Corp, Ecologi, we are planting trees to be climate positive.

We are and always have been a remote working company: that means no commuting and no offices.

We made Turbine, an application that lets us (and other companies) do routine paperwork, such as expense claims, online without any printed forms.

All staff have a company Kindle and access to an extensive digital library; anyone can buy the books they need online.

We measure the CO2 produced by company travel and centralise CO2 offset purchases to become carbon neutral for travel as a company.

Our travel policy allows for people to expense the cost of carbon offset for any company travel.

We have published environmentally-friendly purchasing guidelines and advice for staff on reducing their environmental impact.

Net Zero commitment

We are committed to become Net Zero by 2025 and hope to do so earlier than this deadline. To do this we will evaluate our Scope 3 emissions with special attention to CO2 emissions arising from our staff home working, business travel, purchases, and use of cloud computing services and investment options for our pension contributions.

As we are at an early stage of our work in this area we have formed an internal working group for research and development. We will provide ongoing updates on our progress.


Ask us about our commitments

We understand that businesses want to work with third parties that align with their values and sustainability goals. Contact us to discuss how a partnership with Articulate Marketing can support these aims.