Whole health with HubSpot Enterprise

A new website.
Double the traffic.
2000% increase in leads.

Articulate Marketing built a B2B demand generation machine for this telehealth provider, with the HubSpot Enterprise suite.

UPDATE: This case study has won a HubSpot Impact Award for Platform Excellence! 🏆

HealthHero Mockup Website

About Health Hero

HealthHero is the largest digital healthcare provider in Europe. Its goal is to provide holistic heath care and improve lives by leveraging technology.

The HealthHero team offer clinical services, virtual GP appointments and mental health support, serving 35 million people and thousands of businesses.

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‘Originally we brought Articulate on to manage the migration onto HubSpot, do the plumbing and set up our marketing automation functions, but we ended up doing so much more.’

Kate Opie, Marketing Lead, HealthHero

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Underwhelming traffic


High bounce rate


Poor quality leads


Generic branding


Low marketing maturity


Reliance on devs


HealthHero’s website was built piecemeal on WordPress. It wasn’t integrated with a CRM and lacked marketing automation. It suffered from slow speed, confusing architecture and poor targeting for the business’s product lines. And, with little data visibility, the team couldn’t pull together accurate reports or make data-driven decisions.

So, it was hardly the platform to launch their new healthcare app, Symbio.

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‘We adapted our processes and set milestones in order to get the website and content done in time for the launch of their new product. This led to a highly collaborative project that achieved both a speedy delivery of the campaign and a new optimised website.’

Ioana Negulescu, Head of Studio, Articulate Marketing

A group of marketing engineers

Multi-Hub Enterprise

To meet their wide-ranging needs (and ambitions), the Articulate team implemented a multi-Hub solution. We onboarded HealthHero onto HubSpot Enterprise for all five Hubs.

After all, short-termism, random acts of marketing and patch fixes — these don’t make a strategy. We agreed that they needed an ambitious plan and advanced tools to scale their marketing.

The bulk of our focus so far has been on the website, Marketing and Sales Hubs.

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What we did


Replatformed the website onto HubSpot CMS and optimised it for speed and conversions.


Workshopped and documented brand identity and messaging for the website and content.


Built a landing page “mini-site” and launched promotion around the Symbio product.


Delivered a content campaign based on SEO and customer research, using Marketing Hub.


Provided marketing automation and data reporting tools and process training.


Accelerated their sales with best practices, templates and tools in Sales Hub.

An integrated website with HubSpot CMS

We modernised their site design and brought it onto CMS. Now integrated with HubSpot’s CRM platform and Marketing Hub, it was primed to become a dynamic source of lead generation. Today, HealthHero owns an all-in-one website and communications platform, not a plethora of plugins. Forms, calls to action, smart content — you name it, they’ve got it.

A person using the HubSpot platform

A lead pipeline with
Marketing and Sales Hub

We wrote blogs and offers, and arranged these pieces into “topic clusters” using HubSpot’s SEO tools. Meaning, longer articles targeted at high-volume, short-tail keywords, supported by a cluster of blogs. This makes them more likely to rank highly on key topics.

We then built landing pages and installed methods for automated follow-up, creating a clear journey for leads. Finally, marketing and sales are aligned, all using the same tool suite.

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‘The work was turned around in an incredible timeframe. That was down to precise planning and project management, as well as skilful implementation. The project included a launch of our Symbio product. To turn that around in six weeks was unbelievable.’

Kate Opie, Marketing Lead, HealthHero

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By the numbers


page speed


increase in traffic


increase in blog visits


increase in visits to Symbio site


increase in leads


new clients in 90 days

Now that’s better…

In just a few months, the average quarterly traffic increased from 14 thousand sessions to 40 thousand sessions. HealthHero’s 12-month target was 44 thousand sessions, so we’re already well on our way to smashing that target.

In addition, they have several high-value B2B deals in the pipeline for the Symbio product. They have chosen to continue adding new features due to this promising development.

A lightbulb


‘We’ve seen really positive feedback and leads. Plus, the visibility we have on those leads is on scale we’ve never seen before. Given this success, it was natural to continue with further projects to create more thought leadership content and optimise our CRM. This partnership has gone from strength to strength.’

Kate Opie, Marketing Lead, HealthHero

A client wanting to share their knowledge and expertise with the world

B2B demand generation machine

Our initial engagement — HubSpot onboarding and updating the website — quickly progressed into a full-scale marketing and content retainer. The goal was to help HealthHero become a B2B demand generation engine.

We’re happy to say that we’re well on the way to achieving that goal.

An engine in motion

A healthy HubSpot suite

HealthHero now has the ability to track traffic, leads, prospects, deals and campaign ROI, across multiple lead sources and teams.

They have a solid foundation, on-brand assets and a website that works. We even built their German language site, for good measure.

The leads are piling in. The marketing team is happy. The sales team? Ecstatic.

Two people analysising data

Landing page 2.0

To make the most of the product launch, we brought the Symbio product to the forefront with its own “Landing page 2.0”. That is, a self-contained mini-site that has its own branding and target audience.

HealthHero can track the activities of this segmented audience separately with the HubSpot’s tooling. This has proven invaluable in assessing the product’s viability.

Symbio Website Mockup

What's next?

Now, we’re aiming to further increase site conversions with personalised content. We’re implementing marketing and sales automation, such as triggered tasks in workflows. We’re running several ongoing campaigns around mental health and wellbeing. And, of course, we’re celebrating our successes along the way.

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