Ecologi: Powerful customer analytics and end-to-end tracking with HubSpot Marketing Hub

Consolidated marketing data, end-to-end persona tracking, and better compliance.

Articulate Marketing onboarded and upskilled Ecologi during their migration to the HubSpot Marketing Hub. Now, they have a solid marketing springboard for success.

UPDATE: This case study has won a HubSpot Impact Award for Platform Migration Excellence! 🏆

Ecologi team discussing HubSpot integration with their business

About Ecologi

In a world of overwhelming climate anxiety, Ecologi empowers businesses to make a real difference. They sell tailored climate-positive employer models, based on a company’s carbon consumption. This allows businesses to compensate for their carbon footprint.

A group of Articulate employees working towards becoming Net Zero by 2030


‘We know that generating and nurturing leads drive a large proportion of our revenue streams. However, we had limited visibility of which messaging they saw, where they went to or came from, their status in the funnel, or who they were. Prior to HubSpot, we could only attribute leads to channels at the point of form fill.’


Simon Marlow, Digital Marketing Manager, Ecologi

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Ecologi was experiencing rapid growth. This was a nice problem to have, and excellent news for the climate. But, the staggering increase in demand revealed cracks in the company’s marketing infrastructure.

While the Ecologi team already made use of HubSpot CRM for sales activities, their marketing tools were disparate. They relied on multiple systems — including an unwieldy MailChimp integration and a complicated hand-coded form API — to handle communications and capture leads.

Yes, these systems worked… But they couldn’t integrate with HubSpot CRM. Valuable marketing data was falling through the cracks.

Two Articulate employees helping a client create a strategy for their marketing

Unavoidable problems


An inability to track where contacts were coming through (i.e. SEO, referral, or advertising).


Limited marketing intelligence hindering the sales teams’ ability to qualify prospects.


Little GDPR compliance or data lineage built into their lead capture processes.


Complicated form APIs reliant on dev support. One change taking 4 weeks to complete.


‘Articulate has provided great advice over the last 8 weeks. We've been able to tailor the weekly sessions to what we want, and Matthew has suggested topics too. Articulate has audited our account, got things up and running from a technical perspective, and helped us solve our problems.’


Simon Marlow, Digital Marketing Manager, Ecologi

A client and Articulate Marketing working together

Ecologi’s goal

The solution was clear: Ecologi needed to consolidate its marketing and sales efforts. This meant integrating the HubSpot Marketing Hub alongside their existing Sales Hub.

Adopting this new suite was only the beginning step. To ensure time-to-value and future success, they needed expert onboarding support and tuition.

A megaphone

A tailored onboarding and coaching package

As an accredited HubSpot Partner, we live and breathe HubSpot expertise.

So, after listening to Ecologi’s pain points and goals, we curated a teaching-led package. This consisted of:


A one-month initial onboarding project containing 12 tailored workshops.


Six months’ worth of HubSpot expertise-as-a-service.


Support for a MailChimp integration to sync contact data.


Access to a dedicated Slack support channel and a library of resources.


‘With onboarding projects, success isn't measured by the number of things you did. It's more about the capability that you build for a client and how that holds up once you stop helping them.’

Matthew Stibbe, CEO, Articulate Marketing

An Articulate employee working on a board

Immediate benefits

Thanks to HubSpot’s Marketing Hub and our expert coaching, Ecologi can now:

  • Access and sync contact data.
  • Track lead capture, customer journeys and decisions.
  • Create accurate content reports and attribute revenue to marketing activities.
  • Build forms with progressive fields to enrich contact data.
  • Understand which forms generate leads.
  • Ensure compliance and control GDPR messaging.
A person using the HubSpot platform

In numbers


visibility into their inbound leads and where they’ve come from.


contacts tracked per month (as opposed to 600 per month).


contacts generated from HubSpot progressive forms so far.


‘We've set up new dashboards, custom audience lists for advertising, and built our first webinar campaign. We've also begun to see ROI; we launched native lead gen connecting the form directly with HubSpot; 70% of leads are 'enterprises' (typically 20-25% on website leads) with a lower CPL of £281 for native versus more than £771 from website lead generation through LinkedIn.’


Simon Marlow, Digital Marketing Manager, Ecologi

Two people analysising data

A future-proof foundation

With the sales and marketing hubs working together, the business can confidently gather and analyse customer data from one convenient portal. This allows Ecologi to forecast future growth and make data-driven decisions on that basis.

A bar graph

Trustworthy persona tracking and analytics

Ecologi can now track website cookies and connect them to CRM records. They can pinpoint when a prospect visits their website, engages with their materials, completes a form, and filters down the marketing funnel. They can also confirm where these contacts come from. As a result, it’s easier to deduce the relationship between marketing campaigns and sales deals.

This intelligence allows Ecologi to better understand customer needs, assess trending topics, and hone their efforts. It also empowers the sales team to score leads and prioritise opportunities.

A person working on a laptop

Clear GDPR compliance

HubSpot acts as one version of the truth. With most of their marketing data in one place, Ecologi can verify whether a lead opts into a communication or not. They can also apply standardised GDPR text to forms with ease.

As an added benefit, their joined-up marketing and sales hub reduces their attack surface and bolsters their data security efforts.

A checklist on a clipboard with a pen

An empowered marketing team

Previously, Ecologi’s marketing team lacked accessible tools and — more importantly — confidence.

We empowered the team to take ownership of their marketing processes. With Marketing Hub, they can create and track forms easily. They can build landing pages without dev support. They can do email marketing. What was once a chore is now a delight.

A diverse group of people

What's next?

We still provide HubSpot expertise and workshops to Ecologi to this day. But as their team grows in confidence, so does their overall marketing and sales sophistication.

With their newfound platform and skills, Ecologi no longer worries about rapid growth. They embrace it.

Two people discussing a journey map for a project