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Discover how Articulate Marketing worked collaboratively with Beyond Encryption
to build a custom-designed HubSpot CMS website in just two months.



Beyond Encryption needed a brand marketing strategy and website to promote their data security solutions, in time for DTX 360's Digital Transformation Expo.

This set a tight deadline for a substantial website project. However, given that multiple stakeholders were invested in a successful outcome, we had what mattered most: a communicative, engaged client-agency team. This meant we could accelerate processes without cutting corners or compromising on quality.

What they wanted

During our consultative sales process, we identified their challenges and goals.

Beyond Encryption told us they wanted cohesion between the visual elements of the brand. This required a consistent tone of voice, messaging and user journey throughout, even though different product lines were targeted at specific audiences.

Differentiation was also a vital component. They had to stand out from other B2B technology companies to help them sell a complex technical product to a non-technical audience. To make this happen, they were willing to go outside their comfort zone and make bold decisions.

The user journey checklist for client-winning B2B websites

The existing state of play

Their old site contained legacy systems and content created using a CMS from a previous agency. It had no calls-to-action or data capture. As such, it wasn't a suitable marketing automation launchpad for getting qualified leads into the sales pipeline.

Their website was not set up to scale as the business did. They needed us to design a modern website that they could also update themselves in the future. Above all, they needed a website that could be an engine for growth.


Identifying opportunities

To get their website up and running, we delivered a multi-pronged approach:


Strategic brand positioning to identify personas and to create a content and brand language.


A website using HubSpot CMS, plus HubSpot CRM to support their lead generation goals.


A technical SEO review with keyword research, user journey mapping and a site built using clean, fast code.


Strategic foundations

Articulate's 'Strategy Foundations' process was the starting point for the project.

We ran workshops to capture Beyond Encryption's personas, key messages and positioning. This helped us really understand their business. Once we had that step nailed, we moved onto creating mood boards and brainstorming some design styles.

marketing strategy presentation post-it artie notes


Customised brand architecture

Nowadays, the website is the centrepiece of a brand. This is a shift away from logo-first branding.

So, after we had the broad strokes of the website figured out, we came up with a vibrant, security-themed brand style that was cohesive across their different product lines: Mailock, Nigel and AssureScore. United under one banner, each logo had its own unique attributes, visuals and colour stories.



Accelerated design process

As the website was on such a short timeline, we optimised our process to be as responsive, agile and transparent as possible. Beyond Encryption's marketing team worked closely with our own so that we were always making progress with rapid feedback as we created the design, sitemap and wireframes.

08-Our business website is well past its expiry date-01-1-1

Tangible milestones
instead of Gantt Charts

24-Notifications and contact enrichment-01

Continuous updates
on progress


Real-time communications
over emails


Streamlined development cycle

Beyond Encryption represents our highest-ever standard of HubSpot and coding best practices from our development team. The Senior Developer on the project tackled the process with a variety of automations to build assets quickly and in a modular way, so future site updates would be simple even for a non-developer to do.


24 bespoke modules...


Endless combinations!

A successful launch

Articulate and Beyond Encryption built and populated the site in record time, with solid, clean code. The launch itself went smoothly due to our rigorous pre-and post-launch quality-assurance checklists.

So, we were able to go live a week before the Digital Transformation Expo, so everything was in place for potential customers to see.


An on-brand event

The website launch was our main goal, but in order to meet the event deadline, we also refreshed their digital branding guidelines within one month. This meant they could create physical promotional material with the new branding in time for the event, and make a real impact on the crowd.


Event metrics


increase in traffic


increase in leads


new contacts

Feature highlight: Landing page 2.0

We knew Beyond Encryption required a website made for generating leads. That's why we produced a special feature for their Mailock product, which was shown at the Expo. When you click onto this solution, you go to a nested homepage with its own logo, colours, navigation and pages, specifically targeted for customers of this product.


Happy customers

'We loved the collaborative approach of working with the team, who were able to bolster our in-house capabilities and provide us with the right tools to accelerate our digital marketing strategy.

The output has not only exceeded all expectations but has been met with resounding positivity within the marketplace. It finally feels like we have a brand reflective of our product, culture, and capabilities- and one we are all incredibly proud of.'

 - Emily Plummer, Marketing Director, Beyond Encryption


An optimised site

With a Google PageSpeed score of 99 on desktop and 96 on mobile, the Beyond Encryption site wasn't just built fast, it was built fast.

Unlike the majority of websites, it's optimised for mobile, which is a must with Google's mobile-first indexing. In the last 30 days, the mobile usage has jumped from 0.1 percent to 31 percent. AMP views have increased by 355 percent.




new contacts


new customers

Next up: closed-won deals

We're helping Beyond Encryption make the most of their new website with ongoing sales enablement. Through sessions with our business development experts, we're giving them the tools they need to configure their HubSpot for optimised sales.