Level up: Articulate Marketing is a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner agency!

Level up: Articulate Marketing is a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner

Posted by Maddy Leslie
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‘Diamonds are a marketing agency’s best friend’, to paraphrase Marilyn Monroe, a marketing queen in her own right. In other words, we’re now a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner!

For the Microsoft vendors in the audience, it’s sort of like being a Microsoft Gold Partner. Yeah, it’s that big a deal. It puts us in a whole new league. Now, we are:

💎 Among the top 25 best HubSpot agencies in the UK

💎 One of the top five remote working agencies in the UK (we were doing it before it was cool)

💎 The ONLY UK HubSpot agency that is also a B Corp

💎 In the top three percent (2.1 percent, to be pedantic) of 6,000 HubSpot agencies worldwide

What it means for our agency

Level up: Articulate Marketing is a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner agency! - Will Smith shows off our new badge of honourThe Solutions Partner Programme is an ecosystem of agencies that offer services such as marketing, sales and web design. We’ve been a HubSpot Partner for years, moving through the ranks as we’ve grown and expanded our offering for clients, B2B technology companies.

And now, we’ve powered up.

Diamond status is a prestigious position that few other agencies can claim. It’s a reflection of our hard work and ambition, and, in particular, the momentum that we’ve established over this last year. 2021 saw our most successful months ever and we’re showing every sign of accelerating in 2022. Full steam ahead!

What it means for you

Articulate will build a difference engine right at the core of your business, and HubSpot helps us do it. That is, an engine to power your growth, to help you stand out from the crowd and to drive your organisation forward.

HubSpot is the workshop where we engineer high-performance websites and deliver marketing and sales automation, and many more exciting capabilities.

Our clients reap the benefits of our partnership with HubSpot. We now get priority access (otherwise known as ‘first dibs’) to the latest tools, training, credentials and resources for the platform. We are continuing to work with our senior dedicated point of contact, who, along with the team, provides top-tier support to help us maximise what we can do for our clients. That includes waiving HubSpot onboarding fees for new clients, by the way.

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How we got here

To get to Diamond status, we’ve had to both rapidly expand our existing client base by onboarding new clients to the HubSpot CRM, as well as support a large and growing portfolio of HubSpot users.

Here are some of the steps we took:

  • Put ‘Get to Diamond’ as one of this year’s mission-critical goals. We organised regular company-wide meetings to mark progress toward this target and tracked progress towards it in our management KPI dashboard.
  • Invested in our Business Development team to bring HubSpot to more B2B tech organisations. We’ve onboarded dozens of clients onto the HubSpot CRM and built many HubSpot CMS websites.
  • Expanded our Client Services team — we call them ‘Client Partners’ — to retain our existing clients and to ensure they are getting the most out of HubSpot.
  • Worked closely with our HubSpot contacts to bring new business to Articulate (in fact, check out this webinar we ran with our Channel Account Manager, Caleb Buscher).
  • Deepened our HubSpot expertise. As an organisation, we have 26 different HubSpot certifications. In addition, all studio staff have multiple certifications.

Where we’re going next

As with World of Warcraft, The Witcher or any good RPG, every time you level up the next level is that much harder to get to. In this case, the final boss is the ‘Elite’ tier.

There are just a handful of Elite agencies. And — of course — we want to be one of them. We’re going on a quest. There are just 20 of us, for now, not hundreds. But, we have heart. Ambition. Gumption. And a magic sword pen.

(However, just for today, we’re going to bask in the glory of this achievement, perhaps with a nice glass of red wine. We’ve earned it.)

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