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30 Days to Better Business Writing eBook

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Cover of 30 Days to Better Business WritingI have written a book – 30 Days to Better Business Writing – and I’m publishing it as a FREE eBook to ensure that it can help as many people as possible.

You can read it online or download a PDF here on this blog.

There’s no catch. The book is completely free.

If you find it useful, tell your friends, share the link, leave feedback, hire Articulate to do some work for you.

Benefits of better business writing

Wouldn't it be great if everything you wrote was interesting, credible and effective? Wouldn’t that improve your proposals, emails, presentations, web copy, press releases?

You're probably an expert in what you do and I know you already know how to write. But can you write well? Can you write copy that makes the reader want to keep reading? Can you close the deal?

I give you expert insight into what works and what doesn't.

Expert insights

Writing business copy is what I do. I’ve been writing professionally for a decade. I was a freelance journalist working for Wired, Popular Science, Business 2.0, Director and Real Business. Now I am Writer-in-chief at Articulate Marketing with clients including HP, Microsoft, eBay and the British Government.

Give me an hour a day for thirty days and I will make you a better writer.

Quick results

You need answers fast. I give you tips and tactics that will turn your words into business results.

You'll learn how to…

  • “Be a reporter"
  • Interview someone
  • Ask the right questions
  • Find the "real" story
  • Find the best angle to write about
  • Pick the right structure of your writing
  • Look at your writing critically and analyse it
  • Recognise "good" writing
  • Write like a human being
  • Write for readability
  • Eliminate clichés and buzzwords
  • Get rid of passive words
  • Be more concise
  • Deal with writer's block
  • Work with a professional writer when needed
  • Find time to write
  • And much more

You can read it online or download a PDF here on this blog. Please use the ShareThis button to tell your friends and colleagues about my new book via Facebook, Digg etc.

Matthew Stibbe

Matthew is founder and CEO of Articulate Marketing.