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Diagrams: everything is connected to everything else

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Dungeons and Dragons is connected to Google according to this diagram from the New York Times (hat tip: Boing Boing).


I am connected to everything else. This diagram and the accompanying article was written by Adam Rogers who used to work at Wired. I used to write for Wired. I produced a diagram for them that linked video games to everything. It's six degrees of separation by diagram.

How Pong invented the Internet. From Wired 11/2004. Hat tip: me. I wrote it. I love good diagrams.


I've must have spent a month researching this piece and I wrote tens of thousands of words of notes. The whole thing was boiled down into a network diagram by Wired's patient design team. One day I'm going to set up a computer games history site. (In the meantime, you can read a brief history of computer games on my personal site.)

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