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10 innovative inbound tactics for Enterprise marketing campaigns

Posted by Adam Catterall
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Too many Enterprise marketing teams are stuck in their ways.

Here are some fresh ideas for marketing campaigns that will help you reach a new, engaged audience of potential buyers:

  1. Long whitepapers
  2. A video series
  3. Unique social media
  4. Podcasts
  5. Rebranding
  6. Technical SEO tactics
  7. Optimised CTAs
  8. Targeted landing pages
  9. Marketing automation
  10. Interactive surveys

Let’s take a look at each of those in a bit more detail.

1. Write extra long whitepapers

White papers. Long-winded and jargon-fuelled? Or, done right, a powerful tool for spreading your expertise and creating best-in-class thought leadership content.

Creating a several thousand-word white paper, packed full of your own original research sets you apart as leaders in your area. Not only will your customers trust you more, but other businesses will want to follow in your footsteps.

2. Create a video series

Video content is incredibly popular and an innovative way to engage with your audience. Eighty-six percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and most of them reported that it gives a positive ROI.

Try creating a video series (not just a one-off) on a topic you’re an expert in. It could be anything—cloud migration, data management, cyber security. Something your audience cares about.

This builds a connection with your audience. You’ll give them content that delves deep into tricky topics, and they’ll learn your little personality quirks along the way.

3. Craft a unique social media campaign

We’ve all heard of innovative social media campaigns like oddball collaborations or engaging in global trends. Done well, they can accelerate your marketing efforts.

Take a look at this promotional post from Innocent, brimming with their trademark tone of voice and humour.

Innocent smoothies tweet

4. Start a podcast

Podcasts provide on-demand content relating to your brand that aligns with your audience’s interests.

Appearing on popular podcasts is another great way to get your name out there. Check out these recent podcasts our CEO Matthew Stibbe has been a guest on, here and here.

5. Spice up your branding

Time for a rebrand? If your branding isn’t exciting, you’re not going to capture the attention of your customer persona.

Take Tupperware as an example. They reached the golden hall of becoming a household name, but their branding wasn’t hitting the mark. With some modern styling, several splashes of colour and a confident tagline, they reimagined their outdated look.

6. Work on your SEO

SEO at Enterprise level means drilling down into the technicalities. The more pages your site has, the more complex it is to maintain your SEO.

Get your SEO team to delve deeper into the technical elements, such as maintaining page speed and using scalable SEO automation. This helps keep your site functioning at a high speed and sitting on top of those rankings.

7. Create captivating calls-to-action (CTAs)

If you’re looking to get more out of your CTAs, you might want to conduct a conversion rate optimisation campaign.

A/B testing your CTAs with different copy, designs and offers helps you identify what’s working, and what’s not based on click-through rate. Make sure you check in on the results each month and use this data to inform your CTAs moving forward.

8. Take a look at your landing pages

Make your landing pages more effective by upgrading them with personalised and smart content. Dynamic, user-targeted content speaks to your customer personas, invoking interest and letting them know they’re in the right place.

9. Try marketing automation

Ever wondered how you can generate leads without lifting a finger? Well, marketing automation keeps your wheels turning even when you’re not driving.

A marketing CRM platform will allow you to build workflows that are triggered by and that trigger actions, automatically. At Enterprise level, HubSpot Marketing Hub offers a range of marketing automation features that will help you nurture prospects and engage with customers, without needless admin.

10. Use interactive surveys

You’ve closed the deal, but now’s the time to delight by asking for feedback. Surveys are a powerful way to keep the conversation going with your customers, and learn how you can improve their experience.

There are a number of tools on the market to do this. We like Typeform, Ucalc and Scoreapp.

Take inbound marketing further

With these innovative tactics in your inbound arsenal, you’re sure to position yourself in front of your prospects. As the marketing landscape shifts, try different content mediums like video and podcasts, or work on your SEO and website journey.

Take these ideas to your team and ask them for their input. You’d be surprised what new strategies can come out of a really good brainstorming session. Happy innovating!

We love chatting about new ideas for marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to take your inbound marketing further, get in touch with us, today.

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