15 eye-opening B2B social media statistics

Posted by Simon Collins Picture of Simon Collins on 8 October 2019

Social media is a powerful tool for B2B. But why take my word for it? Especially when the studies have been done, and the results are in.

Social media for B2B marketing

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  • Social media reaches B2B decision-makers. 84% of C-level and VP-level buyers are influenced by social media when purchasing according to IDG. For higher-ups, social media is an essential resource to research B2B opportunities because it gives the social proof they need to make important purchases. B2B buyers love to do research before they buy. 55% of say they look for information on social media.

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  • Social is key for B2B tech companies. 76% of B2B tech companies are using social media to drive results. That’s more than blogging, organic search, and paid search.


The best B2B social media platforms

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  • Some channels work better than others. Not all social media networks will yield the same results. Statista findings show that marketers have found LinkedIn to be the most effective social media platform for B2B. 66 percent of them believed it to be effective with only 30 percent finding Facebook to be effective.
  • B2B marketers everywhere use LinkedIn. Nine out of ten B2B companies are using it. More than half of B2B buyers have used LinkedIn to help them make a purchasing decision over the past year. It’s the go-to social media platform for B2B buyers. Indeed, the more influence a buyer has, the more likely they are to use social media.

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  • Instagram is on the rise. Two out of three marketers saying they plan to boost their organic usage in the next year. However, it remains stronger for B2C (72%) than B2B (57%).
  • YouTube is a social media channel that is becoming more important to B2B marketers. 56% of marketers rated YouTube as important to their overall success. This puts it fourth, behind print in third, LinkedIn in second, with email first. But video is on the rise. 77% of marketers said they were planning to grow their reliance on video.

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  • There are many social media channels. So where should you focus? Well, don’t ignore Facebook, even if your focus is business customers. CEOs use Facebook too and it remains the biggest social media network for adults overall with 72% of adult using it.

 How to use social media well

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  • 49% of B2B marketers consider it the hardest tactic to generate leads from. It’s important to have the right social media strategy in place. Ideally, get guidance from those in the know.
  • Images are important to drive engagement. This probably isn’t news to you. However, a LinkedIn study of its own platform found images increase user comment rate by 98%.
  • The ROI on social media is hard to track. Only 10% of marketers found that they could effectively track their results on social media.

These statistics reveal the importance of content sharing and engagement on social media for B2B tech businesses. But they also show that getting results isn’t straightforward. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Here’s our guide to doing social media the right way:


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