Articulate Marketing wins HubSpot Impact Award for website design

Articulate Marketing wins HubSpot Impact Award for website design

Posted by Maddy Leslie Picture of Maddy Leslie on 11 August 2021
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Hip hip hooray!

We're excited to be announcing that Articulate Marketing has been named a winner in the Website Design category in HubSpot’s Q2 2021 Impact Awards. The website we built for Howell Technology Group (HTG) represents a collaborative effort across design, development and marketing teams at Articulate, as well as the creative input and expertise from our client.

It's a significant achievement. And, a testament to a website design process that we've worked hard to refine over the years.

About the award

We're HubSpot Diamond partners, dontcha know. As such, HubSpot uses these awards to recognise those members of its Solutions Partner Program who go above and beyond to help their customers grow better.

The Impact Awards are given on a quarterly basis in five categories. You can see the winners in the Impact Awards Hall of Fame. Look at that: our name in lights (sort of).

'Our solutions partners play such a pivotal role in helping scaling companies around the world grow better,' says Brian Garvey, VP Solutions Partner Program at HubSpot. 'Articulate Marketing has demonstrated a strong commitment to the success of their customers.'

Thanks, Brian!

So you'll be wondering, what's so great about this website anyway? Well...

HTG's winning website

One good decision after another. That's what makes a winning website.

The team at HTG were looking for a website with seamless functionality and differentiated branding. To be competitive, they needed to showcase their people-first approach and their expertise as multi-award-winning cloud technology partners.

HTG wanted an innovative marketing agency with technical savvy, transparent communication and strong project management. They chose Articulate Marketing.

After launch, we saw immediate results. HTG’s new targeted, high-performance website loads in under one second, giving it a Google PageSpeed score of 99/100. And, in just a few weeks since the launch, HTG have gained:

  • a 34 percent increase in traffic
  • a 520 percent increase in leads

So, they’re already well on their way towards the goal of signing more (bigger, better!) deals with new contacts.

HTG - HubSpot Impact Award case study

Thanks to the team

'The external validation of our work is very important to us. As President Kennedy said about going to the moon, we choose to enter award submissions, "not because they are easy, but because they are hard" and because the goal of winning one serves to "organize and measure the best of our energies and skills".'

— Matthew Stibbe, CEO at Articulate Marketing

We'd like to take a moment to thank those at Articulate who put their energies and skills towards this project. It's down to their talents, and the way they support one another as a team, that we're able to deliver outcomes that really make a difference for our clients. You know who you are.

What WILL we do next?

Try to take over the world.

Oh glad you asked. We've got all sorts planned. Not only are we actively working with our clients to build high-performance websites and marketing machines for growth (that'll be the banging you hear in the background), but we're developing some clever new tools, as well. Such as our HubSpot theme: Nucleus. How does a new, optimised website in a matter of days sound?

If you want to be the next award-winner website owner, we're eager to make your wildest dreams come true. We build HubSpot websites for ambitious B2B tech companies. Check out our website services page or give us a bell to find out more.

HTG - HubSpot Impact Award case study

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