Articulate is now Carbon Offsetting

Articulate Marketing is carbon offsetting

Posted by Paul Morton
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on 1 January 2020
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Here at Articulate, we’re all about taking responsibility for our actions. This is why we’re over the moon to announce that we are now officially carbon offsetting for two years in a row with ClimateCare.

Ever since we became a B Corp we’ve been looking for new and exciting ways that we can be a force for good. (Recently in 2020, we became Investors in People certified as well.) Part of achieving the status of B Corp is being environmentally responsible as a business. Considering we are all remote, this has been relatively simple. We have minimal output as we don’t have a permanent office space for our staff.

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However, if you’re aware of how we work, you’ll know we all meet every couple of months in London. Although highly enjoyable and productive, these meetings involve people travelling via plane, train and automobile from across Europe.

Business travel for 18 people across the UK and Europe generates CO2, contributing to climate change – one of the biggest global challenges we face. Not ones to step back when there’s a problem, we decided to do something about it. We got in touch with Climate and Development experts, ClimateCare, who help us support projects that cut global carbon emissions and improve people’s lives.

Who are ClimateCare?

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ClimateCare works with corporate and government partners to deliver world leading climate, environment and development programmes. They allow businesses to offset their carbon output through:

  • Financing the introduction of renewable energy or energy efficiency measures to replace the need for fossil fuels;
  • Conserving or planting forests and;
  • Absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

They are the number one ranked B Corporation in the UK. This is no surprise. Their work has directly cut 32.6 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for over 33.5 million people. In fact, this was the reason we wanted to work with them. We think, as a B Corp ourselves, we have a responsibility to support those businesses who want to make a difference.

Our Environmental Policy

We’re proud to say that, as of writing, we have offset 43.48 tonnes of CO2 through projects that benefit both our planet and the people on it. (2020 update: and another 50.3 tonnes this year!) But, that’s not all we’ve done, are doing, or plan to do in the future.

We are committed to measuring and reducing our impact on the environment. We do this by:

  • Evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible
  • Aiming to be paper-free and investigating ways to achieve this
  • Minimising waste and then reusing or recycling as much of it as is possible
  • Actively promoting recycling of paper, computers, batteries, ink cartridges
  • Recommending the use of environmentally preferred products where possible in the home/office
  • Finding ways of being energy efficient in the home/office
  • Reducing unnecessary travel, including commuting, by remote working and teleconferencing

Being green is simpler than you think

Turns out, Kermit was wrong. It IS easy being green, or at least, it’s easier than you think.

We encourage all businesses to do what they can to reduce their environmental impact. After all, we’ve only GOT one planet. Well, there’s Mars, but that’s a long way off. It’s not even got a Starbucks (yet)!

So, until we’ve figured out how to get the best blend in zero G, we’re stuck on Earth. So, let’s look after it.

If you’d like to know more about how your business can carbon offset, contact ClimateCare today.

Otherwise, read our blog on how to create a happy company for more about what we do to have a positive impact.

[Updated after our second year of certification in 2020]

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