How we work

The Articulate approach

This is how we we work:

  • We write remarkable content that sparks moments of delight, insight and inspiration.
  • We specialise in business-to-business content marketing in the technology sector.
  • We believe it is our job to help you achieve your goals and make your life easier.
  • Our clients are mostly large multinationals – Microsoft, Symantec, HP and LinkedIn, for example.
  • But we love scrappy start-ups and fast-growing mid-market firms.
  • We tend to work in pairs on projects. We call it ‘peer editing’: one person writes, while the other edits and proofreads.
  • Articulate is a virtual company. We don’t have a central office. (Check out Remote for the reasons why.)
  • We have four full-time employees and a small roster of trusted freelancers.
  • We play well with other agencies. Indeed, we’re rostered in our own right at Edelman, Outbound and Enigma.

What to expect

This is what you should expect from us (and any good content marketing agency):

  • Available. Unless you want War and Peace by Wednesday, we’re available to do your project. We have three writers on staff and we can call on trusted contractors for extra capacity if we need it. We’re not going to say ‘no, we’re too busy’.
  • Enthusiastic. We’re geeks and proud of it. We like what we do. We like our clients. We are entranced by technology. We love helping our customers grow their business.
  • Competent. We have whip smart writers and experienced editors. We’ve been working in B2B technology copywriting for more than 12 years. We’ve produced more than a million words of copy for the world’s best-known tech companies.
  • Knowledgeable. Our experience in the industry means that we already know a lot about the technology world but we make a special effort to understand your products, company and market.
  • Hassle-free. We ‘solve for the customer’ to try to make the process as easy for you as possible. Of course, we’ll chase you for anything we need to get the job done but our fundamental goal is to make your life easier.
  • Part of your team. We like it when clients ask us for advice and involve us in their thinking and planning. The earlier we get involved the more effective we can be.
  • Responsive. We respond to messages and queries promptly. We try to react to feedback within two working days.
  • On time. Your deadline is our deadline. If you give us what we need to do the job, we’ll get it done according to the agreed schedule.
  • Honest. If there’s a problem, we’ll tell you. If we’re fed up about something, we’ll tell you. If we make a mistake, we’ll tell you.

Tools and technology

We’re geeks who can write. We love technology. This is what we use:

  • Microsoft Office 365 for email
  • Skype for video conferencing
  • Basecamp for project management
  • Salesforce for CRM
  • WordPress for our website
  • HubSpot for marketing automation (we’re HubSpot-certified partners)
  • Turbine for HR (we built this ourselves)
  • Yammer for internal social networking
  • Dropbox for file sharing


We don’t have the overheads of large marketing agencies so your budget goes further. For the majority of our work, we work on a fixed price basis.

We agree a specification, a target word count and a price. That’s it. No surprises, no hidden fees. You can see indicative prices on the pages that describe our services.

As a rule of thumb, we charge £1 per commissioned word, although occasional projects require additional project management, research, consulting or other work at extra cost.








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