Video marketing

A video is worth a thousand pictures

81 percent of businesses use video as part of their marketing strategy. Why? Because it’s proven to get results.

The question is: are you using video? And, if so, are you getting the results you need?

We provide a range of video services:

  • Case studies
  • Social media video
  • Video for sales
  • How-to explainer videos

It's all designed to help you differentiate your business, attract more leads and win more business.

Case study videos

Want to show off your success stories? Use video.

A video is the best way to demonstrate how you’ve helped customers in the past. That’s because when prospects see and hear the enthusiasm of past and current clients, they are more likely to trust that you can do the same for them. It’s a powerful form of social proof.

People need evidence. Prospects want to see that you’ve delivered success before, so it’s worth presenting this information in the most engaging, emotional and compelling way.

See our case study videos

Explainer and How-to videos

95 percent of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. It’s clear that people love to learn through video. The human mind processes video 60,000 times faster than text, so it makes sense to choose video if you want to educate.

Next time you want to impart wisdom onto your audience, do them a favour and make it a video. It’s the best way to bring your content, product or service to life.

See copywriting video

Social media videos

The world of social media is a noisy place.

With everyone shouting for attention, it’s important to do whatever you can to deliver outstanding content so that it gets picked out from the crowd.

Video is the medium that holds people’s attention like no other. And, the big players are recognising this, with Facebook betting big on video.

Take advantage of our social media videos and grow your brand on key strategic platforms. Sit back and watch as your follower count and engagement metrics grow.

See our case study videos

Video for sales

Sales is a results game.

So, are you winning the deals to meet your targets?

If not, a sales video might be the answer. It’s a more compelling way to connect with new prospects and move people through your sales funnel.

Our team of experienced copywriters know how to create words that sell, and when we combine that know-how with video styles that are proven winners, you get more business. Simple.

If you haven’t implemented video in your sales process, contact us now, and we can work together to help you convert your leads.

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