Search engine optimisation with amazing content for B2B technology firms

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key pillar of the inbound marketing strategy. Without good SEO, your content has no voice.

At Articulate, we ensure everything we produce is properly optimised so your business is found online via search engine results pages (SERPs).

But this isn't about dodgy tactics like stuffing pages with keywords, tricking Google's algorithms or focusing purely on rankings. It's about your prospective customers, and what questions they're asking.

We optimise content, then, for one simple reason: to ensure your customers get the right answers, and to keep them coming back for more.

Here's how we do it.

Keyword research

The first step to good SEO is to conduct keyword research. We use a variety of tools to discover the search intent of prospective customers and build a curated list of short and long-tail keywords.
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Content planning

With these keywords, we ideate keyword-optimised content titles that engage readers from the first click, using industry-proven research tools like Moz and Answer the Public.
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Research, write, edit and publish

Our team of writers will then research, write, edit and optimise this content. This includes reading tone of voice guidelines, conducting research, link building and keyword optimisation.
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On-page optimisation

We use SEO best practice to ensure that a blog post is fully optimised during the upload stage. This includes writing keyword-optimised meta descriptions, alt text and excerpts, and ensuring that all authoritative links are in working order.
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Tracking and reporting

Finally, we track and report on the progress of everything we publish. By analysing the success of our keywords, we can adjust accordingly to get the best results for you.
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