Sales Enablement

How to create a joined-up sales strategy for B2B selling

Integrate your sales and marketing to build a process that delivers more sales, more efficiently.
Improve your sales team’s productivity, accelerate deals and improve win rates. No lead left behind.  
Get a scalable, predictable, repeatable sales process with HubSpot CRM and our sales enablement services. Get real-time reporting on sales KPIs such as activity levels, MQL and SQL conversion rates and deal pipeline. 

HubSpot CRM configuration and training

We set up your HubSpot CRM correctly, including:
  • Email configuration and deliverability checks
  • Online calendars and appointment setting
  • Email footers
  • Integration with Outlook or Google Mail
  • Notifications
  • Contact enrichment
  • Lead scoring and filtering out poor leads
  • Staff training
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HubSpot CRM integrations

HubSpot CRM is powerful but sometimes you need to integrate it with other systems. We can help with:
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration
  • Synchronisation with ConnectWise, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other systems
  • Online signature systems like HelloSign and DocuSign
  • Contact enrichment and lead intelligence systems
  • Bespoke API-level integrations with online applications and ERP systems
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Sales and Marketing SLAs and playbooks

You need a plan for lead management. This will help you turn inbound contacts into meaningful conversations and, ultimately, new customers. We help:
  • Align the marketing and sales teams
  • Craft shared definitions of MQLs, SQLs etc.
  • Agree what everyone needs to do at every stage
  • Craft processes
  • Draft a Service Level Agreement 
  • Build a shared revenue model
We also create sales playbooks, including:
  • Sample emails
  • LinkedIn InMail templates
  • HubSpot email sequences
  • Call scripts
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Sales dashboards and KPIs

Get the information you need to improve sales team productivity, spot bottlenecks and reward high performers. We build dashboards that visualise:
  • Deal flow and forecasts
  • Activity levels by team and individually
  • Lead funnel and outcomes
  • Time spent at each stage of the sales process


How to create warm leads for your sales team

Sales collateral

Great sales people need great collateral to close deals. We can help with:
  • Case studies
  • Hero statements
  • Objection handling
  • Battlecards
  • Service specifications
  • Call scripts
  • Email templates
  • Sales-ready content
How to turn leads into done deals

Sales nurturing and automation

Put your sales on autopilot and dramatically increase sales team productivity with automated sales nurturing. 
  • Contact data enrichment
  • Automated recycling of ‘not yet’ leads
  • Easy-to-personalise email sequences
  • Self-service appointment setting


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Video in sales

Here are some of things we can do to help you harness the power of video in sales.
  • Write call scripts
  • Integrate video software
  • Select and buy audio and video equipment
  • Set up viewing stats and notifications
  • Integrate video into sales nurturing
  • Training sessions
  • Feedback on initial videos

Sales enablement

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