Tone of voice

Tone of voice guidelines

Strategy iconWhat’s your company’s voice? Is it distinctive? Engaging? Consistent? We can help you find your voice and apply it consistently across all your communication channels. Your tone of voice guidelines, along with personas and graphic branding guidelines, are the beating heart of your communications (or marketing) strategy.

We help make them useful and relevant for the people who actually have to use them with clear examples, straightforward directions and, if required, writing training.

Business benefits

  • Ensure you are telling the same story at all customer touch points – customers like consistency
  • Translate what you do best into how you can best help your customers
  • Develop a recognisable and memorable tone and style for all your communications
  • Start to develop an ongoing marketing strategy that nurtures leads, rather than one-off campaigns centred on individual products
  • Understand who you are talking to and why, before you speak


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