Persona development

Strategy iconYou can’t be all things to all people. So segmentation and targeting are essential for effective marketing.

Audience personas are the tools that allow us to understand your audience, their pain points, needs and objections. Persona development is the key to compelling content marketing.

Understanding your customers

Personas are the lifeblood of an inbound content marketing strategy. Every single form of communication should be aimed at one of your buyer personas.

A persona isn’t just one of your target markets, but rather a semi-fictional, ideal representation of your target customer. While not a real person, every persona is based on real data about your customers, giving you real insight and the ability to continually create intoxicating content.

In short, personas laser focus your marketing efforts, so you’re only ever producing the good stuff that appeals to viable leads.

How we work

Our growth consultants and copywriters work with you and your colleagues (and optionally other agencies such as PR firms or traditional marcomms agencies) to:

  • Carry out desk research into your market, customers and services
  • Interview sales people and others in your organisation with a good understanding of your customers
  • Identify buyer demographic information, pain points, needs, ambitions, objections and more
  • We draft 1-2 page persona descriptions which are used to anchor content creation and marketing messages
  • Typically we produce between one and four personas per client; occasionally more are needed but too many risks dilution and too few risks generalisation.

Business benefits

  • Better targeting of marketing spend
  • More relevant and engaging content
  • Deeper understanding of customer needs and opportunities
  • Consistent focus on the right customers
  • Mutual understanding and alignment between sales and marketing

Insight and inspiration

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