Video for content marketing

A video is worth a thousand words. Whether it’s a customer success story, an explainer video, capturing a live event or an interview, a video brings the story to life and makes it more vibrant. Video is also useful for social sharing and search engine optimisation. We have created videos for HP, Microsoft and Samsung. 

How we work

  • We understand your business and marketing objectives to make sure the video reflects them
  • Then we create a shot list, scout locations, identify participants and arrange the shoot
  • On the day, we typically work with a camera man, sound recordist, interviewer and production assistant using our own professional equipment
  • After the shoot, we edit a rough cut for review and then a final cut for review
  • Optionally, we can set up YouTube channels and do social sharing for the resulting video or embed it in your website


We ran a series of SMB mini-summits for Microsoft and filmed them to create a series of videos, including short promotional pieces and longer presentations.

We also created a series of case studies for Microsoft, like this one about RedPixie.

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