Marketing optimisation

Marketing is a journey not a destination. We believe in constant improvement based on analysis and testing. This means, for example, A/B testing of landing pages, traffic analysis to see what blog posts got the most attention and ROI calculations for each step of the marketing funnel. Marketing optimisation means continuous improvement and growth.

What we do

  • We look at traffic, conversions, social media performance and more
  • Everything in HubSpot is tracked so we can build detailed reports and analysis
  • Generally we report monthly and adjust our strategy accordingly




We also use Google Experiments to do A/B testing on WordPress pages and (for customers with the Enterprise plan) A/B testing on HubSpot calls-to-action, emails and landing pages.

Business benefits

  • Understand your marketing funnel
  • See how different marketing campaigns and activities contribute to success
  • Test different activities to make data-driven decision

Insight and inspiration

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