HubSpot marketing automation

HubSpot is the world’s number one marketing platform. More than 10,000 companies run their marketing on HubSpot, generating more website traffic, leads and sales.

The powerful automation software integrates your website with your blog, social media, search engine and email marketing and uses landing pages and calls-to-action to convert visitors into customers.
Articulate Marketing HubSpot gold partnerArticulate is a certified HubSpot Gold Partner with a team of HubSpot-certified marketing and content experts. We help you harness the power of HubSpot to grow your business. We provide all the content and management you need and we can help you set HubSpot up and integrate it with your CRM system, WordPress websites and other business systems.

How we work

HubSpot Attract Convert Close Delight diagram

We follow HubSpot’s mantra of ‘Attract, Convert, Close and Delight’ to plan and execute automated marketing campaigns that generate qualified leads and more successful conversions. This includes developing buyer personas around which we can then plan and execute content campaigns, including blog posts, white papers and customer case studies.

We offer qualifying businesses a free inbound content marketing assessment. We take a close look at your website and recommend ways you can use it to attract, convert and close more business.

Business benefits

  • Marketing automation ensures your website and collateral are working to generate leads 24/7
  • With proper list segmentation and content tailored to your buyer personas, you can more effectively nurture leads and create trusting relationships with potential customers
  • The inbound methodology is much more effective and cost-efficient that traditional outbound sales
  • Integrated analytics allow you to accurately measure the success and ROI of your marketing campaigns and tweak them to improve conversions
  • Marketing automation also allows sales and marketing to work more closely together, setting and assessing goals based on hard data


Insight and inspiration

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