Email campaigns

envelopeEmails are still an essential and powerful marketing tool. Yes, 80 percent of the 205 billion emails that get sent every day are spam. But emails that contain useful, career-enhancing information are welcome, especially when people have specifically requested them by opting in. This is the power of targeted, content-driven lead nurturing: it lets you build a trusted advisor relationship with potential customers.

Our approach is based on targeting, personalisation, content, data analysis and respect. Our email campaigns are designed to entice and convert. A really well-crafted offer and content-rich emails, like this example, is a very effective combination

It is emphatically NOT spammy, tricksy, boring or unwanted.

How we work

  • Our preference is to use HubSpot software so that we can integrate email into the rest of your marketing automation and reporting; but we also write emails for other systems
  • We collect email details using content landing pages and blog subscription sign up offers plus client’s customer mailing lists
  • We send regular monthly or fortnightly ‘newsletter-style’ emails
  • We also send blog subscribers weekly updates from your blog
  • When someone completes a form on a landing page we enrol them into a lead nurturing workflow that sends them a series of emails with targeted content and offers



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