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Accelerate your sales process with customer success stories that showcase the benefits of your products and services. For customer case studies, we recommend keeping it punchy. Around 500-1,000 words does the trick. This way, you get your message to potential customers effectively and succinctly.

We believe that case studies work best when they are based on proper interviews and when they tell real stories using everyday customer language. We don’t use Frankenquotes and we make our case studies short, punchy and readable.

How we work

  • Agree the workflow together
  • Optionally, find customers to feature in the case study
  • We contact leads
  • Phone interviews
  • Collate feedback
  • Optionally, manage sign-offs
  • Optionally, professional photography
  • Optionally, video case studies

Business benefits

  • Improve sales with credible, well-written case studies
  • Save time with a hassle-free process
  • Track progress online


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