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Thought leadership articles

articles iconEstablish your credibility with potential customers and market influencers with magazine-style thought leadership articles. With a focus on data, market analysis and an interdisciplinary assessment of leading opinion, our editorial work is both rigorous and engaging, with detailed sourcing and attribution.

Our articles run from 500 to 2,000 words and position our clients as trusted advisors and industry experts. We interview your subject matter experts, do independent research and write polished articles that engage readers and encourage social sharing.

How we work

  • Develop a concept or direction for the piece
  • Desk research to find reliable third-party data and opinions
  • Optionally, interview your own internal subject matter experts
  • Optionally, include graphs, sidebars or pull out quotes and case studies as part of the document
  • Optionally, produce social media snippets or convert the piece into suitable blog posts

Business benefits

  • Establish your reputation as a trusted advisor
  • Prove you know what’s happening on the bleeding edge of your industry
  • Demonstrate you can inhabit a customer-based point of view on industry topics
  • Prove you can understand, innovate and solve
  • Show your expertise and knowledge


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