Infographic iconSometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Good infographics can communicate information effectively and attract attention and viral sharing. A bad infographic doesn’t bear thinking about.

Articulate creates infographics that are grounded in hard data and compelling stories. Our specialist graphic designers turn the data into sketches then wireframes and, finally, polished visuals.

Our team includes expert researchers, analysts, writers and marketers and we work with experienced designers. We start with the information and work out the best way to visualise it; we’re not interested in pretty pictures or chart porn for their own sake. (Hat tip to XKCD for summing up this problem.)

Infographics snippets and samples

Google Maps for Business

Google Maps Infographic

The road to personal productivity

The Road to Personal Productivity infographic for Samsung

Retail technology and IT

Retail technology infographic for Google

How Pong invented the internet for Wired

How Pong invented the internet infographic for WIred

Business benefits

  • Clear communication
  • Thought leadership
  • Virality through social media sharing
  • Support PR, marketing and social campaigns

Data visualisation – how we work

  • We start by understanding your business objectives and target audience.
  • We agree a brief with you.
  • Then we do our research. We talk to your subject matter experts and we dig out credible third-party sources.
  • Good sourcing is essential so we keep track of all the sources we use.
  • We select the best material and deliver a written outline of the text and numbers we’re going to use in the infographic for your approval.
  • Next, we produce three or four sketches or scamps of the basic design. You pick one (with feedback if necessary).
  • Then we combine the chosen sketch, copy and data into a black and white wireframe to test layout, again for your approval.
  • Finally we deliver a finished infographic combining the text, data and design.

Insight and inspiration

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