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articles iconBlogging is a way to start a professional conversation with prospective customers, show that you understand their needs and build a trusted partner relationship. They are also very good for search engine optimisation and generating organic traffic.

Blog articles are magnets for organic search traffic and underpin any social media campaign. They complement case studies, white papers and thought leadership with a steady drum beat of new content.

We make it easy to run a high-quality blog with regular updates and drive traffic to it using social media sharing. Our blog posts are search engine optimised and come with headlines and summaries for social media promotion.

We also offer a fully-managed blogging and social media service. Our Content Studio allows you to be as involved as you want via an online project management tool. We follow a set process for developing, assigning and publishing content, which we currently use for our own in-house inbound marketing.

You should blog as often as you want to be found online. But only if the content is relevant, useful and engaging for your target audience. Google agrees: ‘make sure your site adds value’ and ‘publishers must provide unique and relevant content’.

What we do

Our content studio will work with you and your subject matter experts to:

  • Create and host a blog for you in WordPress or HubSpot
  • Define audience personas and create a content calendar
  • Develop a series of post titles to suit your marketing goals
  • Provide licensed or copyright-free imagery to go with the posts
  • Write 1-5 blog posts a week
  • Optimise them for search engines
  • Promote them using social media

Our team includes experienced journalists, editors and business writers.

All our staff are trained in WordPress and HubSpot so we can manage the whole process from ideation, through writing, editing, uploading and publication

Business benefits of blogging

  • Engage customers earlier in the buying cycle
  • Talk about their issues in their language
  • Increase your SEO footprint and the likelihood of being found via organic search
  • Establish yourself as a credible, trusted advisor
  • Help people relate to your company – it’s a good opportunity to reveal the human side of your business
  • Guide people to the next stage of your marketing funnel and prove that your longer content is worth downloading and engaging with
  • Demonstrate an understanding of customer concerns and help them solve their problems
  • We do the writing – no need to chase colleagues for content they’ll never write


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