Articulate Marketing wins IIP’s Small Employer of the Year Award 2022

Articulate Marketing wins IIP’s Small Employer of the Year Award 2022

Posted by Maddy Leslie Picture of Maddy Leslie on 1 December 2022
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Yes, it’s true. Articulate Marketing has won Small Employer of the Year at The Investors in People Awards 2022.

It was fantastic to be nominated, and a downright thrill to have found ourselves at the top of the heap (and on stage with Kerry Godliman of all people!).

What winning Small Employer of the Year means for us

Investors in people awardsWe are all incredibly proud of this win, and of the team. It recognises the amazing progress Articulate Marketing has made with learning, development, management and building a vision for the agency.

Mirela Mart, Articulate’s CFO, had this to say:

‘We are over the moon to win the award for the Small Employer of the Year. It is a significant milestone in our organisational evolution and our investment in people. We are grateful for all the support received from Investors in People and for the recognition for our efforts. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our fantastic team, our trusted clients and the judging panel at the Awards and Investors in People.’

What we did to get this far

As an organisation, Investors in People helped us get our first certification, at Bronze, then a year later, Silver for We Invest In People.

They assisted us so we could figure out effective ways to support employees, with initiatives such as:

  • 12 training days per person per year, ring-fenced and bookable using our holiday tracking system.
  • Multiple learning paths using resources like LinkedIn Learning, HubSpot Academy and Investors in People training.
  • Two apprenticeships completed - data science and project management.
  • Hired editor-in-chief to develop our writers’ skills.
  • Management KPI dashboards to track objective achievement.

The results were 40 percent revenue growth, improved productivity, higher quality work in the studio, improved management insights and faster progress towards business objectives.

The word from Investors in People

Investors in People has been making work better for organisations across the world since 1991. They’ve worked with over 11 million people and over 50,000 businesses. Because happy people are healthier people, and healthier people are more productive. Productive people are good for business, and in turn, society.

‘The Investors in People Awards 2022 marks a new chapter for us. We came together again after three years in our biggest celebration of exemplary leaders and organisations who have transformed themselves into a force of good despite the challenges. I am proud of every organisation that entered this year, demonstrating the value in making work better and setting an example for other organisations to do the same.’

— Paul Devoy, CEO, Investors in People

Thanks, Paul!

We’ll keep investing

Naturally, we’ve got more in the works to keep up this momentum and to achieve Gold at our next IIP evaluation. Fingers crossed (which mkases typoinng rethar diffocutl).

Keep an eye on these pages for further updates around what we’re doing to invest in our employees and our community:

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