How good is your marketing? Find out with The High-Performance Marketing Scorecard

How good is your marketing? Find out with The High-Performance Marketing Scorecard

Posted by Maddy Leslie Picture of Maddy Leslie on 29 September 2022
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How good is your marketing?

Articulate has recently launched The High-Performance Marketing Scorecard to help businesses answer that very question.

You can access the scorecard here or readallabouddit, here:

Gaining perspective

The hair you had in the 90s really was that bad. From space, the Earth is decidedly round. Brangelina was never going to last.

And, from the outside looking in, it’s much easier to tell what steps a business needs to take to optimise their marketing.

It’s called perspective.

That’s what this scorecard provides: a place to stand and view your work, your journey, without emotion or bias. It’s a starting point. It’s a benchmark. It’s a milestone on your marketing journey.

How it works

This scorecard takes 10-15 minutes to complete and is completely free. The insights you will gain, however, are priceless. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll have a clear idea of what to focus on next to make improvements around your processes, team and strategy.

✔️ Answer 50 questions over 5 categories

✔️ Get instant results as a percentage

✔️ Download your free 23-page personalised report

✔️ Get to work

The stats

More data is better data, so these numbers may evolve in the future as we get more respondents. However, so far, we’ve learned a few interesting factoids that may surprise you.

  • 66 percent say they are not getting the number of qualified leads they need from marketing to meet business targets.
  • Only 25 percent say they think their website accurately reflects their company’s services and Unique Selling Point (USP).
  • 69 percent don’t have documented processes for marketing that everyone has access to and uses consistently.
  • Just 13 percent have a Google PageSpeed score of 90 or above. Lot of slow websites out there!
  • As few as 19 percent can calculate return on investment (ROI) for campaigns or individual pieces of content.
  • With 12 percent of sales teams saying they are happy with the quality and quantity of leads from marketing, it’s no wonder 52 percent didn’t achieve sales targets in the last year.

Why it matters

Often, when we’re busy, distracted, unmotivated, uncertain (pick your poison) marketing takes a back seat.

Without that continuous effort, however, you can end up slipping backwards. Your best content loses out on search rankings to newer, better articles written by your competitors, for example. Or, without realising it, your website design goes from looking new and fresh to old and tired. No amount of sunscreen can help with that, unfortunately.

High-performing organisations know this. They don’t cut the budget, they invest. They invest in the right people, tools and processes to not just maintain momentum, but build on it.

If the ground is shifting beneath your feet, make like the Wright brothers, rev up your marketing engine and take to the skies.

Access the scorecard


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