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Dutch writers and journalists

I met René van der Meer last year when I was in Amsterdam. He writes, a website about journalists, the working methods and ambitions. It’s a great resource for Dutch writers and I was very pleased when he published the interview he did with me. Of course, we mostly spoke in English during the […]

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How to be a really lousy interviewee

The most popular search term on Google for this site is “How to interview.” I thought it would be fun to subvert the usual ‘how to…’ post with some some top tips for really screwing up an interview. Arrive late. Shows disrespect and/or incompetence. Also it irritates the other person. (See How I trained myself […]

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Interview transcripts: curse or blessing?

When I do an interview I tend to write near-verbatim notes. This is an old habit from my days as a journalist. However, it gets me into some interesting problems when I do it for corporate clients. For example (and without naming any names!): One client who, on hearing that I did this, tried to […]

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When is ‘off the record’ really off the record?

In my fulltime journalist days, I was only asked once to treat a whole interview as ‘off the record.’ When my article came out, the interviewee rang me and complained bitterly that he wasn’t quoted in it at all. This story popped into my mind when I saw this cartoon on the super iScatterlings blog. […]

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