6 excellent podcasts for copywriters and marketers

6 excellent podcasts for copywriters and marketers

Posted by Katelyn Piontek Picture of Katelyn Piontek on 5 November 2015
Marketing copywriter specialising in writing about technology, marketing, branding, strategy and thought leadership for Articulate Marketing.
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Recently, podcasts exploded onto the marketing scene as a popular form of content, but, just like blogs and books, they aren't simply ways to market. They can also act as valuable resources for copywriters and marketers.

Here are six popular and excellent podcasts for copywriters and marketers that will help you stay up to speed:

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  1. 1. Marketing over Coffee

John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn speak plainly on ‘both classic and new marketing.’ The episodes are only twenty minutes so you can listen ‘over coffee.’ They also do interviews with notable figures in business and marketing.

  1. 2. The Lede

Backed by Rainmaker Digital (previously Copyblogger Media) through their Rainmaker platform, The Lede answers questions on ‘copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, conversion optimisation, mindset and more.’

  1. 3. PnR with This Old Marketing

Described as the ‘flagship shows on the Content Marketing Institute Network,’ this podcast follows a strict pattern of discussion on content marketing stories, a short rant or rave about a hot topic and a valuable content marketing lesson.

  1. 4. Conversion Cast

The Conversion Cast is a podcast specifically devoted to traffic, metrics and the tools and strategies which drive both. They bring a variety of guests in who speak from their own experience.

  1. 5. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show is for entrepreneurs and business builders. Entrepreneurs, many times, act as their own marketers and copywriters. However, it’s important for marketers not just to understand marketing, but the relationship between building up a business and building up a brand.

  1. 6. Grammar Girl

Whether you’re a copywriter or in any sort of marketing or communications role, the English language (and its grammar) is your business. These episodes are quick and seek to make you a ‘more successful writer.’

Take advantage of podcasts for copywriters and marketers to help you in your role and expand the resources you use to do your job well.

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