Life instructions in cartoon format


Hat tip: 43 Folders and a particular day.   Better quality video.

Writing lessons: 1) Subvert existing forms, 2) (sometimes) less really is more.

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4 Responses to Life instructions in cartoon format

  1. Lao Tsu says:

    According to the Tao De Ching panels 3 (Do not accept defeat) and 4 (Strive to be happy) are actually contradictory in result. As well Panel 4 is worded in a such a way that any non-happiness is a defeat and thus you will be harmed by attachment to the idea.

  2. Hi folks!

    I love this!

    I have to respectfully disagree with Lao Tsu, or with the philosphy he is referencing. “Strive to be happy” is not an end-state, but a goal to be achieved by continual endeavor. “Do not accept defeat” is both an exhortation to strive as well as an exercise in defining “defeat”.

    If you succeed in continuing to strive for happiness, then you have not been defeated. In fact, continuing to strive and refusing to be diverted from that path by the inevitable sadness that life presents is the greatest success.

    The wind attempts to defeat the bamboo in it’s efforts to grow tall, bending it to the ground again and again in fitfull gusts. But the bamboo rises every time and grows taller nonetheless. Thus, the bamboo is not defeated by the wind, and succeeds in always striving towards its goal – and attaining it – despite the forces it cannot control.

    Defeat is an end-state which can only be attained when one ceases to strive to succeed.



  3. Kimberly says:

    You should know, I’ve had this on my cube wall for about a year now, and I get a ton of comments on it. So thank you… it’s inspiring.


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