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Why you should use illustration art for your B2B website [infographic]

Posted by Maddy Leslie Picture of Maddy Leslie on 10 October 2019

Trends die, but art is forever.

Be honest now. Is your B2B website a work of art or something you wouldn’t even pin to the fridge?

To our unending relief, companies – especially tech start-ups – are turning away from cheesy stock imagery (see our rant about ‘man smiling with laptop’) and blue logos. They’re following the latest fashion for illustration art, white space and bold colours. And we love it.

Do illustrations represent yet another fad, or are they something else?

We like to think it’s the difference between single-use plastics and a long-term, reusable approach. You’re not just swapping one thing for another, you’re restructuring your whole outlook. Yes, it’s more effort at first, but the result is that every bespoke image you put out there is a brand ambassador for your business. Even if everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, the same good design principles can be executed in a million different ways, meaning you can finally achieve something that everyone wants: to be unique.


So, though we have nothing against stock images if they’re done right, or bespoke photography of your most winsome employees shaking hands and shuffling paperwork, we vote you give illustrations a go.

We’ve put this infographic together to show you why we think it’s an effective strategy. Read it right here on this page, or download it as a PDF by filling in the form below.

Why you need illustrations on your B2B website infographic

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Does it sound like illustration art might be the best thing since sliced bread? Pardon our bias. For us, it ticks a lot of boxes for better site performance. And, you get clear branding and visuals that work with the content instead of sitting in the background like a low-grade sidekick. We use it and we recommend it. Simple as that.

If you’d like to see what our merry band of designers can do to spruce up your B2B website, contact us.

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