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16 go-to sources to find copyright-free images for your B2B website

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The Internet isn’t short on images. But finding copyright-cleared images for your marketing content can take extra time that you don’t have.

The site design, the quality of relevant photos and how well the search tool works can determine whether an image site is truly useful. Plus, the terms of use can be tricky to navigate.

Instead of worrying about whether the copyright on an image will cause trouble for you, check out these sites to find your go-to sources for usable images that enhance your marketing content.

Creative Commons and Public Domain

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr is a bottomless repository for amateur and professional photos alike. Many of those photos are available for use as long you credit the account the image came from. You may have to sift through a few random images, but you will find unique photos to set your marketing content apart.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia contains hundreds of thousands of images under the creative commons license and in the public domain. You can find historical and current photos with licences spelled out on each page.

Pixel Perfect Digital

This site is run by a single photographer and the site design and photos are high quality. All photos are available under the Creative Commons licence which requires attribution.


This website has a simple design and is recommended by more than a few bloggers. While there are some low quality images to sift through, it allows use of the ‘free photos’ without attribution.


The site offers many high quality photos with different licences such as Creative Commons and Public Domain for each photo. The search tool works well, but the photos are also sorted into a wide range of categories.

Again, this site requires attribution under the Creative Commons licence for its images, but offers high quality photos that aren’t your typical marketing stock photo. The search tool produced somewhat random results, but the clear categorisation of images on the site makes up for it.

Unrestricted Stock

Limited to Photoshop files, the site provides simple, appealing and free icons in a number of categories. The terms of use are simple and easy to understand.

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Search engines

Google Images

Of course you can’t take any old photo from Google. That’s asking for trouble. But you can single out photos available for commercial use in the Advanced Settings. Many of the images returned are sourced from image sites like the ones in this list, but with the power of Google behind the search.

This organisation defines the Creative Commons licence, but also allows you to search individual image sites for images which fall under those terms.

Registration required

Freerange Stock

The sign-up is free and grants access to free stock-quality photos. The majority of the photos are high quality with a few random shots in the mix.


This site has easy to understand terms of use and the photos are a consistently higher quality. The search tool is effective and the photos appear to be curated by the site administrators.


Pixabay promises that all pictures uploaded to the site are in the Public Domain and free for personal and commercial use without attribution. Signing up grants you access to a wide variety of photos and clip art.

Subscriptions and royalties


The site does offer the occasional free photo, but their main inventory of stock images is subject to a monthly fee. Their terms of use are extensive, but if your content requires standard stock photos, the site is worth a look.


Free Digital Photos offers free photos in small sizes, but larger sizes are available for a one-time fee per image download. The site contains a wide variety of standard stock and clip art.

Icon Finder

The site offers icons and social media symbols at a small fee. The images are high quality and would look great next to your copy, in an eBook or on a website.


This site offers pay-as-you-go and subscriptions at a lower cost with up to twenty downloads per day. The images are high quality and available for multiple industries and categories.

Images are gold

Your marketing content may contain some excellent turns of phrase and truly illuminating ideas, but without images, your marketing content won’t attract the kind of attention you want.

You might stick to the standard stock photos or get a little creative with the images in your marketing content. Either way, find the site or sites with the style, quality and type of images that will complement your content or campaign and catch the reader’s eye.

(Hat tip to David Goehring for the photo)

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