Absurd spammy press releases sent to my blog

Postbox groaning with too much mail As promised, here are the headlines for the most absurd press releases sent to my blog in the last month plus the PR companies behind them.

I can see no reason at all why these PR companies would want to target ME with these stories.

I’m pretty sure that all the PR companies concerned are billing their clients for their ‘blog outreach’ campaign. What a waste.

  • Precise picture of early Universe supports "dark matter" theory (Spring O’Brien)
  • Disney FamilyFun Announces Toy of the Year Award Winners (Rosen Group PR)
  • Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet TOP SEARCH on Google This Week (5W Public Relations)
  • SimpliFi helps consumers avoid the holiday financial hangover (Atomic PR)
  • Tips to keep legs looking good, cold weather strategy!!! (5W Public Relations) Note that the three exclamation marks are from the original.
  • Maria Shriver has Cell Phone Driving Mishap – Tips to Help Break the Habit (5W Public Relations)
  • Ready to go tips for a fun and healthy Halloween! (5W Public Relations)
  • Top students choosing college based on "values," not cost (Lipman Hearne)
  • Dynamic law firm, Spring Law, unveils innovative business Model (Singleton PR) Note that the capitalisation of ‘Model’ is from the original.
  • Five Best Halloween Weekend Getaways by Travel-Ticker.com (Atomic PR)
  • Ways to keep your children healthy and happy (5W Public Relations)
  • Best Kid Friendly Hotels in Hawaii (Oahu, Kauai & Maui) (5W Public Relations)
  • PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND on DVD (Jane Ayer PR) Note that shouting capitalisation is also from the original.

And my particular favourite:

  • Is there a place for "murder-boarding" in American business? New book says definitely yes (Newman Communications)

I am interested in writing, communications, technology and business. On my other blog, Golf Hotel Whiskey, I’ll look at anything related to space and aviation. I’d love to hear from PR companies that have something interesting to say on these topics. So are my readers. C’mon PR companies, you can do better than this.

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7 Responses to Absurd spammy press releases sent to my blog

  1. Richard says:

    I don’t get as much PR spam as you, but I do still get my fair share of releases. Most, like you, I delete after reading the headline and realising it’s nothing special. Then yesterday a Big Four accounting firm sent me a release about an employee who’d won an award – and for something that would qualify him to be on the panel of a web seminar I’m running for a client.

    So I call the number listed under “for more information contact…” and ask for the PR person the release suggests can help me. “She’s not working today.” Ah. Well why is her name on the release then? The conversation gets a bit snippy. I explain why I’m calling, but the person who is in the office – and who was responsible for the email – seems to think I’m intruding somehow.

    Are their releases really so awful that they never actually get a media enquiry after sending them out? What was the point of this release? Does the PR department actually have a purpose connected to the wider aims of the organisation? I can understand external PR agencies sending out “filler” releases to bump up their activity-based payments or meet a contractual quota. But an in-house team? Terrible.

    • I share your pain, Richard. I had similar experiences back in my Caspian days – and I’m sure you did too. Sometimes I think PR people exist to get in the way not to help. There are some good ones out there but not many. I suspect it’s because most of them get paid for activity not results. Any fool can spam out 500 press releases to blog authors. But only the ones that make the effort to build a relationship will get any results.

  2. I’m a blogger who gets pitched daily, usually multiple times per day. I’m also a marketing consultant for a software developer and part of my job is to send out PR for our company. It’s been really interesting being on both sides of the equation, as my experience from each viewpoint definitely helps how I react to and deal with the other!

  3. Einat Adar says:

    I just loved this one:
    Dynamic law firm, Spring Law, unveils innovative business Model

    You can hear the client saying – it’s not interesting enough, you must explain that we’re dynamic, not just any firm.

    As someone who hires a PR pro from time to time, I know there are good ones out there who do a great job that helps both clients and journalists/ bloggers. It’s just that the bad ones stand out.

  4. Tim Trent says:

    I love it that you published that list! I tend to hit back, usually hard. Maybe that’s because the business portion of my blog is about Permission Based Marketing, and these spammers have precisely no permission! I’ve linked the most recent broadside to my name here. [If your comments form had a preview button I’d try to be cool and link it in the text, too, but I’m not sure if it will work, so I haven’t.]


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